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BackboneJS Development

Our BackboneJS Development Process

Tekki Web Solutions offers an agile-based BackboneJS development methodology to provide our clients with satisfying services that are reliable enough to meet their industrial and business needs.


Benefits Of Choosing BackboneJS Development

There are several reasons to choose BackboneJS development services for your business. BackboneJS offers a flexible coding environment, detailed documentation, event binding, etc.


Why you should Go for BackboneJS

BackboneJS development services is a widely popular option for your business applications as it offers amazing options like easy customizations, easy integrations, event binding, etc.

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Event-driven Communication

An event-driven communication between views and models that are useful in creating versatile and extensible applications.

Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Backend Synchronization

BackboneJS is use with the front-end and back-end systems, allows the synchronization with the backend to provide support to RESTful APIs.


Lightweight Framework

BackboneJS is a versatile and lightweight framework for the development of modern and advanced enterprise applications.


Utility Library

BackboneJS provides a free and open-source library that offers support to over 100 extensions. A simple library is used to separate the user interface logic and business.

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Coding Conventions

BackboneJS offers easy coding conventions that are useful for the developers to code less for application development.


MV Structure

BackboneJS allows the incorporation of OOPs Programming fundamentals. The connection between the model and view allows you to check the HTML changes.

Required Skills for the BackboneJS Developers

Being a BackboneJS developer, the person should have a better knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, object-oriented programming fundamentals, etc.

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Understanding of JS and Backbone Js

The understanding of technological Advancements is a prerequisite for a BackboneJs developer. A strong understanding of javascript, HTML, CSS is necessary for a Backbone JS developer.

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Effient in Debugging

It’s an extremely important thing to manage the debugging during a BackboneJs Project. One should be capable of finding and eliminating Bugs and Errors.

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Problem-solving skills

A BackboneJs developer should be keenly interested in solving problems that may come during the project. He should not be reluctant in the research and implementation of new codes and methods of Development.

Why Hire BackboneJS Development Services from TWS?

Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s BackboneJS developers have in-depth knowledge of the basic prerequisites like HTML, CSS, JavaScript required for the modern web and mobile applications.

Our BackboneJS Development Services

Create incredibly fast and smooth apps and websites with our top-notch and extensive BackboneJS development services. These are mentioned below.

  • BackboneJS Web Development
  • BackboneJS Dynamic UI/UX
  • BackboneJS Web App Development
  • BackboneJS Plugins
  • BackboneJS App Migration
  • BackboneJS Application Design
  • BackboneJS Migration Services
  • BackboneJS Customization Services
  • BackboneJS Enterprise Development
  • BackboneJS Support & Maintenance
  • Enterprise BackboneJS Mobile Development
  • BackboneJS Single Page Development
  • BackboneJS Web App Template Development
  • BackboneJs Consulting

Our Latest BackboneJS Projects

Our team has developed a number of project in BackboneJS and related technologies to offer the clients with the supreme quality development services.

Our Testimonials

Let’s have a look at what clients speak out about our work – These success stories from across the world make us feel highly proud, happy and encouraged when our clients appreciate our work.


Sarbjit and his TWS team are excellent to work with as always. They would go a step further on suggestions and recommendations that best fit your needs. Amazing communication, quality work, and exceeding expectations!

Michael Schwengel
Actor, Voice Actor, Designer, Web Technology Consultant

Your FAQ's

We believe that a vision can be pursued and accomplished when everyone achieves their goals driving religiously through the laid core values of the organization.

Why Mostly Use BackboneJS for enterprise application development?

As the BackboneJS is a lightweight, fast, and reliable framework for the eCommerce website, it is widely used for enterprise application development. BackboneJS framework is viable for complex, large, and heavy applications.

What are the benefits of outsourcing BacboneJS development services?

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing BackboneJS application development from TWS, it includes low development and operational cost, services by experienced developers, a better understanding of modern platforms, flexible development times, etc.

How much does it cost to develop a BackboneJS application?

The cost of the BackboneJS application development depends on several factors like development platforms, complexity, features, and functionalities, etc. Hire us now to get the estimated cost for your BackboneJS development project.

Do we provide maintenance and support services after the BackboneJS application development?

Yes, TWS provides the maintenance and support services once the BackboneJS application is completed. We provide also the after-services for the BackboneJS at very exciting prices.

Do we provide the custom BackboneJS development services?

Yes, TWS offers a variety of custom development services to clients from different industries. Just describe your requirements and functionalities that you want in your application, we will make it for you. We also suggest what is best for you. Contact us now.

How can you get the updates on the ongoing BackboneJS development services?

Don’t worry! We work for the client’s satisfaction. Our assigned project managers for your project will give you all the details and updates about your BackboneJS development at the end of each working day.

Our project development methodology as follows:

  1. Concept Discussion and Design Strategy
  2. Requirement Analysis
  3. System Architecture Development
  4. Roadmap

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