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Top 6 CSS Frameworks for Web Developers

css frameworks

Those days are gone when web developers spend a lot of time designing websites, but now CSS frameworks have removed the burden of web developers. The web developers generally have two concerns: the first is time efficiency, and the second is browser compatibility. The arrival of the CSS frameworks has created a win-win situation for both users and developers.

Let’s first know what is CSS frameworks?

CSS means the Cascading Style Sheets that separate the document content from the document presentation. Although web developers widely use CSS frameworks, there are still some web developers who are confused about – Which CSS framework to choose for web development?
Here is the top CSS frameworks list:

  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Materialize
  • Semantic UI
  • Bulma
  • Tailwind

What is CSS Grid good for?

CSS Grids provides the method of creating the grid structures in CSS. With this, we can create grid layouts using Media queries, and it is also adapt to different contexts.

Should I use the CSS frameworks?

CSS frameworks are the best options for beginners. The CSS frameworks like Bootstrap can be easily mastered. All you need is to use the layouts. A beginner can also design the complete layout within a few minutes using the CSS frameworks.

What are the best CSS frameworks?

The top 6 best CSS frameworks are Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind, Bulma, Semantic UI, and Materialize.

Top CSS Frameworks to choose for web development:

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I think the CSS framework’s list is incomplete without the name of the Bootstrap framework. Twitter developers develop a bootstrap framework in 2011. Bootstrap is quite a popular CSS framework since it is free and open-source, easily downloadable, manageable via npm, etc. A bootstrap is an excellent option for beginners and robust enough for experienced developers. You can easily get the services of bootstrap development by hiring the developers.

Benefits of Bootstrap CSS framework:

  • Excellent responsive design
  • Built-in libraries
  • Large community support
  • Fast and robust
  • Includes HTML and JavaScript components
  • Avoids browser compatibility errors

Usage statistics of Bootstrap:

According to the SimilarTech website, about 614,985 websites are developed in Bootstrap in the United States alone.

Who uses Bootstrap?

The top brands that use Bootstrap are Spotify, Udemy, Twitter, Linkedin.


Foundation is one of the popular CSS frameworks which is mostly used in business-related website development. So, it is known as a framework for business. The Foundation framework allows the developers to create and manage the stylesheets. Foundation is a flexible and easily customizable framework.

Benefits of Foundation CSS framework:

  • A powerful Email framework
  • Easy customizations
  • Vertical timeline layout
  • Responsive HTML templates and UI components
  • Uniqueness
  • Flexibility in grid layouts

Usage statistics of Foundation:

According to the statistics mentioned by the SimilarTech, the foundation CSS framework is used in 69,269 websites in the United States.

Who uses Foundation?

The top brands that use Bootstrap are Disney, Amazon, Pixar, Subaru.

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Materialize CSS frameworks.

Benefits of Materialize CSS framework:

  • Several built-in features
  • Reduce expenses
  • Variety of plugins
  • Ease-of-use

Usage statistics of Materialize:

According to the Builtwith website, approximate 75,141 websites are developed using the Materialize CSS framework

Who uses Materialize?

The top brand companies that use the materialize CSS framework are WPArena, GameRaven, DroneDeploy.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI is developed by the full stack developer, Jack Lukic. Semantic UI is quite a famous CSS framework due to its lightweight and pleasant user experience. Although the Semantic UI framework has small community support, you will put your query whenever you face difficulty. Semantic UI integrated with third-party libraries. Semantic UI CSS framework is a very easy-to-use and user-friendly framework.

Benefits of Semantic UI framework:

  • Beginner-friendly framework
  • Less Loading time, due to small file sizes.
  • Versatile elements for customization.
  • Variety of themes
  • Simple-to-use
  • Faster Development

Usage statistics of Semantic UI:

In the United States, nearly 22,856 websites are developed using the Semantic UI CSS framework, as per the reports of the Builtwith website.

Who uses Semantic UI?

The famous brands that use the Semantic UI framework are Snapchat, Accenture, Kmong, etc.


Bulma is an extensively used CSS framework by web developers. Bulma is an entirely free, responsive, lightweight CSS framework. It is a pure CSS and Firefox-based framework. Due to the built-in responsive templates, Bulma CSS framework helps to speed up the web development process.

Benefits of Bulma CSS framework:

  • Detailed documentation
  • Versatile
  • Easy to learn
  • Pure CSS, no JavaScript
  • Firefox-based
  • Developed with SaaS

Usage statistics of Bulma CSS framework:

About 18,122 websites are developed with the Bulma CSS framework in the United States, a report by Builtwith website.

Who uses Bulma?

Django, Tam Development, WordPress Setup.


Tailwind is different from all other CSS frameworks. Tailwind is the first framework that uses utility classes. It is written in Post CSS, and the developer has full access to a programming language to customize the UI of websites like colors, border sizes, themes, breakpoints, shadows, etc.

Benefits of Tailwind CSS framework:

  • Simple to use
  • Higher development speed
  • Availability of utility classes
  • Component-friendly
  • Develop responsive websites

Usage statistics of Tailwind CSS framework:

A report by the Builtwind website shows that about 2,998 sites are using the Tailwind CSS framework in the United States.

Who uses Tailwind?

BlaBlaCar, otto-now, EXR.

On the Whole

No doubt, CSS frameworks are in the topmost position in the list of web development frameworks. In fact, the CSS frameworks are evolving with time. We have mentioned the benefits and features of the popular CSS framework. The use of the CSS framework entirely relies on the demand for your project so that you can use it accordingly. In a few words, CSS frameworks can be used in personal and professional projects without any concerns. If you are looking for the best place to hire developers, then contact the expert web designers of the company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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