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    Most Popular Nodejs Frameworks for Developers

    nodejs frameworks

    Undoubtedly, the 20th century has become the era of web application development. Every business wants to give fierce competition to its competitors by having a presence on the internet through application development. Interestingly, most of the web applications are developed using JavaScript-based technologies, and NodeJS is one of those robust technologies. With the arrival of the Node JS development services in the market, the NodeJS frameworks’ popularity is getting on a boom with the time.

    So, our today’s article is focused on the topic of NodeJS frameworks for the developers. But before learning about these popular NodeJS frameworks, let’s have a look at the NodeJS development. What is NodeJS? What is NodeJS used for? NodeJS or Node.js belongs to the Node community, released in the market in 2009. NodeJS used as a runtime environment for the JavaScript execution. NodeJS is mostly used as a backend technology because of the high speed and scalability. NodeJS is primarily used for non-blocking, event-driven servers due to the single-threaded nature.

    Now, let’s talk about NodeJS frameworks. NodeJS frameworks are based on the MVC architecture, a design pattern that splits the application logic into three layers:- model, view, and controller. The model layer is used to define the data pattern, the View layer is used for the user interface, and the controller layer is used as a bridge between two layers for communication.

    Highly Used Nodejs Frameworks For Developers

    What is Nodejs used for?

    Nodejs can be used as the same language on both the client-side and server-side. You can use Nodejs for the development of web applications and mobile applications.

    Is Nodejs a programming language?

    No, Nodejs is not a programming language. In fact, it is a runtime environment that works on the Chrome V8 engine and uses JavaScript as a programming language.

    Benefits of using the NodeJS frameworks:

    As we all know, NodeJS is an open-source platform built on the Chrome V8 runtime environment. NodeJS can be used as a single language on both the server-side and client-side for web application development. Other than this, NodeJS frameworks can be beneficial as:

    • Open-source Platform
    • Highly Scalable Environment
    • Single-Threaded
    • Easy to Learn
    • Used as a single language on the server-side as well as on client-side
    • High Performance
    • Large Community Support
    • Vast Range of Libraries
    • Non-Blocking I/O System
    • Highly Extensible

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    Most Popular NodeJS Frameworks for Developers

    While choosing the best NodeJS frameworks, one should consider a few things like scalability and flexibility of the selected NodeJS frameworks. More interestingly, almost every NodeJS web framework provides high-end performance due to the excellent architecture. Here are some of the most popular NodeJS web frameworks that are recommended for the developers:

    – ExpressJS

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    ExpressJS is also known as Express. Express.js is a popular, fast, and flexible MVC NodeJS framework that combines a vast number of features for web and mobile application development. ExpressJS is the most chosen NodeJS framework among all other NodeJS frameworks.

    Features of ExpressJS:

    • ExpressJS offers the development of single and multi-page applications, along with several web applications.
    • ExpressJS is based on MVC architecture.
    • ExpressJS is entirely a set of routing libraries. These libraries perform a variety of web actions based on HTTP methods.
    • ExpressJS has large community support.
    • ExpressJS is easy to learn the framework.

    – MeteorJS

    nodejs development

    MeteorJS is a relatively simple full stack NodeJS framework for creating mobile as well as web applications. Meteor.js is an ideal framework with web iOS, Android, and Desktop. MeteorJS gives real-time updates, easy to understand for the developers, and organized documentation. MeteorJS allows you to execute code on the frontend as well as backend without having the code rewriting.

    Features of MeteorJS:

    • MeteorJS Framework is used for hybrid application development.
    • MeteorJS has highly extensible with a range of plugins.
    • MeteorJS allows you to use a single code base to develop desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps.
    • MeteorJS provides for easy integration with other frameworks.
    • MeteorJS have a large range of pre-written modules.
    • MeteorJS is an excellent option for accounts and user authentication.

    – HapiJS

    nodejs frameworks

    HapiJS is a powerful and robust open-source framework for developing JSON API. It is one of the most preferred frameworks among all the NodeJS frameworks. HapiJS is used to develop the applications and technology solutions by several large scale websites like PayPal, Disney. What’s more, HapiJS is a secure and robust open-source framework for web applications.

    Features of HapiJS:

    • HapiJS Framework provides a rich and excellent ecosystem.
    • HapiJS Framework is high compatible with MySQL, MongoDB, and other databases.
    • HapiJS is a friendly framework with REST APIs and HTTPS proxy apps.
    • HapiJS allows default caching, authentication, and input validation.
    • HapiJS offers the code reusability features.
    • HapiJS is one of the most secure NodeJS frameworks.

    – KoaJS

    nodejs frameworks

    KoaJS is a lightweight and compelling middleware framework. KoaJS is used for client-side web application development. The features provided by KoaJS helps the developers to speed up the process of web application development. Another benefit of KoaJS is that it is quite similar to ExpressJS, even developed the same team as ExpressJS.

    Features of KoaJS:

    • KoaJS provides a good experience through the use of a lightweight framework.
    • KoaJS handles the errors and bugs exceptionally.
    • KoaJS Framework cleans the cache, supports proxy, and content negotiation.
    • KoaJS Framework is highly customizable.
    • KoaJS framework helps the developers to develop the applications from scratch.
    • KoaJS has a cascading middleware.

    – SailsJS

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    The developer, Mike McNeil, develop the Sails.js Framework, which was released in 2012.  SailsJS is a web-based framework that allows developers to build enterprise-ready applications. SailsJS offer stability and several out of the box features to the developers for the application development. Sails works on data-oriented MVC architecture.

    Features of SailsJS:

    • SailsJS provides the auto-generate Rest APIs.
    • SailsJS allows the interaction with any kind of database due to the presence of the ORM(Object Relational Mapping) solutions.
    • SailsJS handles the HTTP request, which improves the performance and quality of the applications.
    • SailsJS is highly compatible with the frontend frameworks.
    • SailsJS allows for reusable security policies.

    – NestJS

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    NestJS is a popular NodeJS framework primarily used for developing server-side applications by using JavaScript. NodeJS framework allows the development of enterprise-grade applications and offering complete flexibility with extensive libraries. NestJS also implements the MVC pattern, and its popularity is due to its native support to TypeScript.

    Features of NestJS

    • NestJS is a highly extensible framework due to the modular architecture, making it flexible for app development.
    • NestJS offers highly reliable due to the use of TypeScript.
    • NestJS allows the integration of out of the box features with the use of the CLI tool.
    • NestJS Framework is highly compatible with the Angular Framework on the frontend.
    • NestJS provides an extensive list of easy to use libraries.

    – TotalJS

    nodejs development

    No doubt all NodeJS frameworks are useful for the developers, but TotalJS Framework is the only NodeJS Framework that provides the CMS like experience. TotalJS is a highly extensible and asynchronous framework that offers stability and reliability. TotalJS is considered a complete framework due to the availability of a variety of features availability. Best framework for the development of the IoT based applications, including the web and desktop applications.

    Features of TotalJS:

    • TotalJS framework is highly compatible with almost all the databases ranging from MySQL to PostgreSQL with several frontend systems- Angular, Ember, and React.
    • TotalJS frameworks provide the feature of real-time tracking.
    • TotalJS offers quick application development with low maintenance costs.
    • TotalJS offers modular architecture.
    • TotalJS framework provides some exclusive features like image processing tools, simple mail transfer protocols, etc.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are thinking about developing an application with the NodeJS framework, it’s absolutely a great idea. You can go for it—all you need to select the viable NodeJS web framework based on your application’s features. I hope you enjoy this article, and it would help you to choose the best NodeJs framework for application development.

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