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How to Build Successful Customized Freelancing Platforms?

Freelancing Platforms

Freelancing Platforms has become a buzz word. Millions of specialists are switching their traditional employment to freelancing. Numerous enterprises and small startups are cooperating with the freelancing world.

Some of the world’s giant companies like AirbnbAmazonWalmart, and Google are working with freelancers. Let’s first know about the freelancing world.

In the Freelancing world, the word “freelancer” is used for a person who independently handles the work, whether related to his/her stream or anonymous to him/her.

Countries like the USA having the maximum number of freelancers around 50 million. And this number is growing with time.

All these freelancers work and join each other on a single platform like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.

How do Freelancing Platforms work?

On freelancing platforms like Upwork, people from all over the world create accounts and build their profiles as per the job they wanted to get through the freelancing platform. Freelancer’s profiles are the full-fledged showcase of their skills and demos projects. On the other hand, the people who are looking for a particular person who can fulfill their demands, search on freelancing platform. After the communication, the Freelancer works on the project and get the promised amounts from the person who had hired him. In this way, the freelancing process proceeds. Today, almost everyone is looking for online jobs, as they are taking projects directly from the clients. So, they are independent to work as per their wish without any restrictions.

Examples of Freelance Platforms

FiverrUpworkFreelancer.comEnvato StudioPeoplePerHourP.E. for Hire.

How useful are these freelancing sites? Right? Now, if you want to create or develop similar websites or platforms like Upwork and Freelancer, here is the detailed guide.

Benefits of Having the Freelancing Platform like Upwork

Freelancing platforms are boon for the people looking for online work since it provides ease in finding the relevant people and jobs as per the requirements and saves the cost and the time of the freelancers.

Business Expansion

One of the most significant benefits of having the own customized freelancing platform is that it extends your business scale. They can bring their idea to the business and make it happen with the experts and specialists’ help. It means their idea will reach from the local level to the business level.

Vast Opportunities

Having the freelancing platform means you have a majority of opportunities, whether freelancers or job providers. Freelancers can choose the job as per their skills and cost of the projects, as they have numerous options for similar types of projects. On the other hand, job providers can find a relevant person to hire as per their budget.

Secure Platform

The freelancing platforms generate a sense of security since both the freelancers and job providers fill the contract to ensure the fulfillment of their job securities. The Freelancer would get paid once the project is completed. And the job providers can check the authenticity of the freelancers by reviewing the history and number of working hours, analyzing completed projects, etc.

Range of Features

Some of the customized freelancing platforms or websites provide features like project management, time management, invoice generation, certifying tests, etc. The availability of all such features helps the freelancers to get deploy the projects at a fast pace and with job provider’s satisfaction.

Easy to Use

Last but not least feature of the having a customized freelancing platform is that it provides ease in building the Freelancer’s profile. They can create their profile without making much effort. This feature helps to form long-lasting professional relationships among the freelancers and job providers.

Success on Upwork

What should you consider while creating freelancing platforms?

Several factors influence the development of the customized platforms for freelancing like software's specifications, architecture, cost, etc. Let's have a look at these essential points:


Website or Software Architecture is an essential part of the development process. It includes both the front end and back end process, how the whole process will work, how each component will work with another, and what value it bring to the final users, etc.

Design and UI

Before going with the design and user interaction phase of the freelancing platforms- software and website, all you need are to do in-depth research for the design the user will love. Most of the users and freelancers love the simple design, UI/UX, like Upwork. So, try to keep it as simple as possible.

API Integration

The power pack with the API integrations like payment gateways, project management tools, etc. in the customized freelancing platforms and websites allure the freelancers. They find ease in using such tools


As we know, freelancing platforms like Upwork have a vast number of users. Therefore, it needs a secure database that stores all the past, current, and future users' details. So, it needs to stores the user's data and provide an immediate response to the user's query.

Administration and Support

Noone likes the interrupted processes. So, the process should never stop. Continuous upgrades and improvements help to drive your freelancing platform in the forward direction. Having all such features in your freelancing platforms takes your business to the next level. Now, let's spotlight the important features of the customized freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancing.com.

Features of Freelancing Platforms


Registration of job seekers and job providers is the foundation step of the freelancing world since the user profile is an important factor in hiring the right talent and projects. Having the unique sign up credentials helps the users to create the identity on freelancing platforms.

User Profiles

The freelancers and job providers will have different profile creation options like the Company's profile and Freelancer's profile. Freelancer's profile consists of features like full name, picture, industry, social media links, location, work history, review, etc. The Company's profile includes a company name, logo, industry, website, address, number of projects, etc

Search Bar and Filters

Both the job seekers and providers would have the feature of a search bar using the filters to sort the list of search results. Freelancers can search for jobs according to their skills, and job providers can sort the list of the freelancers according to the rates, locations, etc.

Built-in Messenger

Both the parties, whether job seekers or providers can interact with each other regarding the project through the in-built communication features like messenger. Having communication features in freelancing platforms helps them to share the reviews.


Having reviews and feedback features play an essential role in the freelancing platforms. It helps job seekers and providers to check the authenticity of each other.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the current situation of the freelancing trends, I think you are very clear with why customized freelancing platforms are needed? Before developing the freelancing platforms, you should focus on making them fully-featured and full of functionalities.

At Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we provide mobile app development services and web app development services to our clients. You can hire mobile app developer for the satisfactory development services of the freelancing platforms.

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