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Angular vs React vs Vue: A Complete Comparison Guide 2021

angular vs react vs vue

Sometimes it becomes a tedious task to pick the best frontend framework as the developers need to choose based on factors like budget, app size, time, and project objectives, end-users, and resources, etc. Do you know the popularity of front-end frameworks is increasing at a fast pace? Initially, Angular and Reactjs development services are mostly used by the developers, but now the third competitor is in the market-Vue.js. Let’s start with the search of finding the best framework in Angular, React, and Vue.js.

According to SimilarTech, In the United States alone, the highest number of websites developed with React framework is 202, 273, followed by the websites built in Angular(75,207) and Vue.js(30,896)

AngularJS Development company

As per the Google Trends, AngularJS development services got the maximum number of searches on Google, React got the second position. However, Vue.js has the lowest number of searches as compared to the other two.

AngularJS Development company

History: Angular vs React vs Vue


Angular, introduced by Google, released in 2010. Angular is a Typescript based javascript framework. The version of angular – Angular 2(dropped the JS from the name- Angular JS), Angular 2+. The latest version is Angular 10, released in June 2021.


React, launched by Facebook, in 2013. React is mostly used by the Facebook company in its products like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. In November 2018, Facebook released the latest version, 16.X.


Vue.js is the youngest framework among all three. A Google employee, Evan You has developed Vue.js in 2014. In February 2019, version 2.6 declared as the stable version of Vue.js development.

Features Angular React Vue
Release Year 2010 2013 2014
Official Website angular.io reactjs.org vuejs.org
Size in KB 500 116 91
Latest Version Angular 10 16.X 2.6
Used by Companies Google, Wix Facebook, Instagram Alibaba, Gitlab

Which is better Angular vs React vs Vue?

Vue and React frameworks are best for small projects; however, Angularjs app development services is suitable for a large project. Vue and React are excellent in performance and flexibility, while Angular is based on Typescripts.

Why is Vuejs not famous?

Despite, Vuejs is newer in the market, but it is giving stricter competition to React and Angular. Vuejs is a stable, customizable, and growing framework. That’s why most of the developers won’t use Vuejs due to the delayed updations.

Is Vuejs faster than react?

In the case of the DOM manipulations, React is faster than the Angularjs web development services, but it slower than Vuejs. So, yes, Vuejs development services are more rapid than React.

Community Support: Angular vs React vs Vue

Angular and React is powered by the big giants are Google and Facebook, respectively, so these frameworks get the regular updates and release after a few months. However, according to the developers, upgrades are not the problem to React and Angular. In the case of Vue.js, the assistance of the migration helper tool makes the migration easier in small projects. But it creates problems in larger projects. It is also experienced that React is more flexible than Angular. Due to the large community support, the angularjs development company is highly preferred for the development services.

Easy to use for Developers: Angular vs React vs Vue

The reason for the developers why they like Angular or Vue? Since React app development services involve more javascript and having a different syntax- JSX(Javascript XML), it has a stricter setup, architecture, and environment of React web development services. So, developers use Angular more in this case. Angular is a well-established technology with an immense of projects and resources

How Does It Work: Angular vs React vs Vue

How does Angular work?

AngularJS Development Services

How does React work?

reactjs development services

How does Vue work?

vuejs development services

Framework or Library: Angular vs React vs Vue

Angular is a framework as it offers you to build the application with a complete setup without looking into the libraries and integrations. So, in this case, React and Vue.js. Whereas, with React, you can use multiple integrations, libraries in your project. So, react provides more flexibility. However, Vuejs app development services facilitate the coding efficiency with the perfect balance of dependencies and flexibility.

Size and Load Time: Angular vs React vs Vue

The size of libraries in Angular, React, and Vue.js are:
Angular: Depends on Bundle Size
React: 116KB
Vue.js: 91KB

Components: Angular vs React vs Vue


In Angular, components known with the name of directives. Angular separates the UI components, as components are in HTML tags and their behavior in Javascript code. So, it helps in faster angular development services.


React exhibits entirely different characteristics. It combines the UI parts and behavior of components.


In Vuejs web development services, UI and behavior are the parts of the components. Moreover, Vue.js is highly customizable, and the UI and behavior can be combined in the script code.

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Learning Scale: Angular vs React vs Vue


Difficult- Angular has a steep learning curve since learning includes the mastering in MVC and Typescript, so it takes time to learn the complete Angular.


Moderate- React comes with the starting guide, making it easier to start with the react development. But, it does not mean you would not face difficulties learning about the libraries and integrations in React.


Easy- As we all know, Vue.js is highly customizable, so it is quite easy to learn it. Learning Vue.js is easier than the other two- angular vs react. Vuejs development company mostly uses this technology due to this reason.

Which should I choose?: Angular vs React vs Vue

Features Technology
Want Flexibility React
Javascript Lover React
Want Clean Code Vue.js
Easy to Learn Vue.js
OOPs Angular
Small Project Vue.js
Large Project Angular

In Final Words

Still, confused? Let’s have a quick overview- Angular is a perfect option for companies with large teams and developers who are used to coding in Typescript. React is a good option for startups and developers who want flexibility. However, Vue.js is the newest one, and giving fierce competition to Angular and React. So, the choice of using the front-end frameworks depends on the demand for your project.

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