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How to Build Content Distribution Strategies

content distribution

Writing high-quality content is not enough to improve the organic search traffic on your website. Your content is useless until it reaches the targetted audience. Right?

” Every year, hundreds of content writers complain that they are not getting enough traffic on their content as it should be. “

Now, how would you reach your audience? Through high-quality content or content distribution.

Of course, all you need is to choose the right way for content marketing or appropriate content distribution strategies. Content marketing is an integral part of your content strategy.

So, have a look at what is content marketing or content distribution?

“Content Distribution or Content Marketing is a process of sharing, publishing, and promoting the content on various social media sites or content marketing sites.”

Believe me or not, today, social media plays a huge role in the content distribution process. You can get millions of users and audiences on your website just by writing publishing the content at the right time to the right website or social media channels.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of presenting creative and valuable content to the target audience through different content types like eBooks, podcasts, infographics, videos, etc.

What are the 4 Types of Advertising?

The primary four types of Advertising are Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television. Other major types of the advertising are Directories, Direct Mail, Catalogues, etc.

Which Marketing Strategies work best?

Here are some of the best marketing strategies that are the perfect option for all types of companies are social media marketing, paid media advertising, internet marketing, email marketing, etc.

Do you meet your content marketing goals?

TWS is always ready to bring innovation to your Business. Tell us your content marketing needs and we’ll offer you the best-suited solutions.

Content marketing is not the process of just throwing the content on social media sites. It requires a proper plan with a list of the right websites at the right time. No doubt, content marketing is easy, but it needs your efforts and time as well.

According to the Hubspot Article,

60% of marketers create content every day

Every second, 952 posts published on Instagram

Every second, 8,756 tweets are posted to Twitter

Google answers 3.8 million search queries in every single minute

Quite surprising facts, there is no doubt, most of the content marketers are going deeper towards the content shock for the content distribution plan. Before knowing about the content distribution strategies, let’s first analyze how we can distribute content using different content types.

Different Content Types for Content Distribution

Despite we can several content types, but we can follow the same content distribution plan for each content type. So, we should sort out first according to the content type before doing content marketing. Have a look at this,


If you are from a digital marketing field, then definitely, you are aware of e-books. The E-book is also called an electronic book, which includes useful information about any particular subject, whether it is technology, food, architecture, etc. For instance, if you have a company providing the front-end framework services, you can write an eBook on angular development services.


I think presenting content to the target audience through videos is the most powerful way of promoting your content. Through Videos, you can provide knowledge on how-to, strategies to achieve any goal, etc.

Infographics/ Pictures

Have you ever noticed it? People always love to open websites with beautiful pictures and infographics. So, try to reach your target audience by presenting content through infographics.


Releasing Podcasts or Interviews on popular websites like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. is another method for content marketing planning


Undoubtedly, blogging and writing articles is one of the oldest practices among all other content types. But, it is still a more useful content type to boost organic search traffic. All these above-mentioned sources are the part content sharing plan and strategies on how to create content. Now, let’s know how to create content distribution strategies:

How to Create Content Distribution Strategies?

I think you now have a complete idea about what content distribution is and what the different content types are. Right? Let’s move on to our next concern, how to create the content distribution strategies; this section will include a detailed step-by-step overview of all content distribution strategies:

Find out the Target Audience

Some people consider content marketing means to reach any audience on the internet. But, in actual, it is not; you can’t do proper content distribution without knowing the target audience’s presence. You should plan the content distribution process according to the target audience, including the audience’s gender, age, income, location, education, etc. You can get all data from Google Analytics.

Choose the Content Distribution Channels

Your choice for the content distribution channel is much more important than the content creation itself. After finding the target audience, the next crucial step is to choose the right platform for content distribution. For this, you can post the links and content on the content marketing sites like Quora, Reddit, IndieHacker, etc.

Build a Reputation on Social Channels and Enhance Engagement

Another factor that influences your content distribution strategy is engagement. Try to engage with your followers on social media channels, as much as it is possible. Since the meeting on social media builds an exceptional reputation on social media channels.

Create a Special Calendar for your Social Media Posting

Posting on social media requires special attention, whether it is related to the timings or days. First, try to find the right time for the social media posting and, with the help of an editorial calendar like Google Calendar, schedule the social media posting accordingly.

Keep an Eye on your Content Distribution Goals and Results

As every plan works according to the goals and results. Similarly, content distribution strategies work on the same principle. After publishing the content on the content marketing sites, the next step is to track the results – Are you getting results as per your content distribution goals? You can do this by analyzing the search traffic and behavior on Google Analytics. Even, you can set a time like weekly, monthly to measure and analyze the results. Here are some of the best content distribution Tools that you can use to enhance the organic search traffic on your website.

Content Distribution Tools

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you are aware of the fact of how important content distribution strategies are? You can not reach your target audience without having a clear path to content marketing. Never afraid of trying out new strategies for content marketing.

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