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    7 Emerging Travel App Development Trends to captivate Travelers

    Travel app development trends

    The travel and hospitality industry suffered the biggest loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, to say, they didn’t have the fortune of getting customers from any app, like restaurants gained from Food Delivery apps. Still, they managed to survive to some extent by following the safe tour and travel guidelines. Now, when the world started to come out of the trauma of the global contagious disease, several new trends of the Travel and hospitality industry are being welcomed, definitely influenced by covid experiences.

    These change has forced the travel and hospitality industry to rethink what they need to provide travelers post-covid. We at TWS put a huge effort into creating the below piece of content describing the latest trends that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Globally, the travel and hospitality industry is one of the biggest industries employing 300 million people worldwide, 1 in 10 people on the earth. This trend is set to achieve the milestone of 1 in 9 people by providing 100 million additional jobs by the year, 2028.  The international air transport association research justifies this trend, in addition to the number of travelers being raised from 4.2 billion in 2018 to 8.2 billion by 2037. Hence, there’s no doubt that the travel and hospitality industry is all set to rise with half of the world population traveling from one place to another.

    How do you make a successful travel app?

    A successful travel app development is the consists of all the necessary features such as booking, navigation, reviews, coupons, discounts, social media sharing, and so on. But all these features have become common among all the travel applications. Hoteliers need to add on the new emerging travel and hospitality trends to be one step ahead of their competitors.

    Why white label travel portal development is on demand?

    Travel mobile App Development with additional future promising features are always on demand among travelers.

    Credit: iBooked Online

    What going to change in the Travel and Hospitality industry in 2021 and beyond

    Before you start

    Technology and innovation are influencing the customer demands and behavior like never before. Rapid Digitization, geopolitical factors, climate change, and shifting consumer preference are reshaping the industry. The technological advancements are influencing the industry, heavily to adapt themselves according to customer needs.

    Travel and Hospitality Industry Trends

    Online communities

    The idea of checking ratings and reviews never changes in any industry. This goes one step further in the travel and hospitality industry with rising online platforms that provide community features to discuss the experience of a particular travel destination.  Travelers tend to learn more about the experience of other people before visiting the actual place.

    Aging population and millennials

    Millennials (Age 18-34 ) are currently holding the biggest workforce tag in the United States, surpassing the other aging population. They will rule as being the most influencing age, till 2034. Thus, the travel and hospitality industry cannot avoid them and focus largely on the aging population. Keeping a view with, Cornall center of hospitality research, Millennials will be almost worlds, 50% traveler to the USA by the year 2025.

    Online Travel bookings

    The drastic results of physical contact during covid have flamed a new preference for online travel booking with online travel booking portal. Although online ticket booking is not something new, its market hold is likely to increase after the Pandemic. Travelers are avoiding unnecessary physical contact and tend to book their travel tickets right from their phone and desktop.

    Longing to freshness

    As stated above, millennials being the most influential generation, with the longing of experiencing something new will put a huge impact on the Travel and Hospitality industry.  This will lead to an influx of travelers to the less popular places with more greenery and natural presence. There will be more and more emerging destinations such as Marquesas: specific, Pranburi: Thailand, southland: New Zealand, etc. which were not so popular before.


    Climate change awareness has reached the lowest levels of society. Travelers, especially the younger generation, are more conscious about sustainability. They tend to follow eco-friendly practices to harm less the environment. Research conducted by concluded that:

    55% of global travelers are choosing sustainable accommodations.

    87% of the new age population believed that a business’s success should be determined by its impact on the environment.

    Green Destinations

    Imagine traveling to a natural destination and staying in treetop hole rooms, where you have completely cut with extensive technology, just to enjoy the basics of human existence, all with mother nature. Seems interesting? Well, green destinations are emerging trends. Be it youngsters or aged, travelers are no more pleased with concrete building designs over natural destinations.

    Nature-friendly Digitalization

    The major undergoing and self-observation, during Covid, has impacted the travel and hospitality industry. The new hospitality trends are more tilted toward nature safety and enhancements. The demand for digitalization by keeping nature at the top is the increasing demand of travellers.

    Ready To Boost Your Business With Travel App Development Services?

    Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading travel portal development company having expertise in providing custom travel portal development solutions as per the industry needs with 10+ years of experience.

    How mobile apps are transforming the travel and tourism industry

    The growing era of digitalization is deciding the future of every industry, and the travel and hospitality industry is no different. The travel and hospitality industry is one, whose customers largely rely on travel apps to perform tasks such as destination booking, hotel booking, cab booking, route checking, offers, GPS, Ecom, and so on. Most of the features talked about before are already being used by Travel app development companies, but several new initiative trends are also emerging

    Mobile check-ins:

    The idea of less human intervention has brought forth the trend of Mobile check-ins at hotels. Mobile check-in lets guests go straight to their room without wasting time in inquiry at the front desks of the hotel. Hotels are started to provide a digital room key to the customers who are more health-conscious after covid.

    Real-time weather forecasting:

    Although hoteliers seem to be aware of this. But they hardly invest their money in adding a real-time weather forecaster while getting a travel and hospitality app development solution. Weather forecasting lets the users make an outing plan according to the destination’s weather. It also helps them in planning for the ticket at the safest time.

    Multidimensional booking:

    A single app for all kinds of travel booking is the new favorite of travelers. The convenience of performing all types of travel booking, e.g., hotel, cab, food, etc are sufficient enough to entice customers to go for your app, and ultimately your agency.

    Virtual reality:

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being imbibed in every sector, due to their uniqueness and convenience. You might have experienced the 360-degree views on your Facebook. Virtual reality is more promising than the 360-degree view. Travelers prefer to see accommodation overview and, especially room view before booking accommodation, with the help of virtual reality. Adding a virtual reality feature while travel portal development is an alluring way to get more visitors to your destinations.

    Smart technologies:

    Smart technologies are being adopted at blazing fast speed by hoteliers. These technologies are turning out to be helpful for travelers as well as for hotel owners. Most of the hotelier knows that many travelers are reluctant in downloading and keeping mobile applications as they use only one. New technology like Crave AppLess offers users to use the applications without even downloading them to their phone.

    With premium features such as choosing your hotel room before the arrival of guests, gives them a premium look of your hotel. With robot room service, one can simply avoid the physical delivery of food in the hotel rooms.

    Smart rooms with smart controls:

    Smart control like Google Assistant and Alexa, are influencing the way people live in their homes. Millennials and tech-savvy people are always looking for hotels that have smart rooms with smart controls.  A hotel room with inbuilt smart control not only gives a lavish feeling to travelers, but they also come back to take your service again. Adding the feature of smart control while travel app development is an emerging trend in the travel and hospitality sector.


    Geo-targeting is the new way to engage your audience to your hotel or agency. For.E.g., uses the geo-targeting option to suggest its users better and personalized places by using mobile location insights that offer value to its customers. It enhances the user experience and keeps the travel app unique among all.


    Hotels do collect lots of data from travelers, but barely they use that data to enhance the customer’s experience. The call to personalization by travelers has insisted large hotels use CRM to put data of the customer and create a more tailored experience for them.

    Your Takeaway

    Technology combined with convenience has huge potential to change the travel and hospitality industry. Leaders who adapt themselves to the newest changes of the industry, always touch the new height of growth. If you have gone through this guide, you definitely deserve a pat. Because you deeply understand the market changes, with customer preference and demand. Those who are going to hire a travel app development expert must ask them to add the above-mentioned features while developing the app to see a huge shift in their customer base and goodwill among them.

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    Karan Sood is an Expert SEO/Marketing Executive with extensive experience in Content Writing specially with Technical background. He is assisting number of clients with Complete Marketing support.

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