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    4 Top Food Delivery Software Trends that will change the future of the Food Industry

    Top Food delivery Software Trends

    5 years earlier, If someone would have said that food delivery software will be the future of the restaurant industry, then people would have laughed like never before. But during covid 19, the expedient growth of restaurant food ordering apps has shocked everyone in the first place.

    During the pandemic, when restaurants were shutting down due to a shortage of customers, food delivery software appeared as life saviors. They enabled restaurants to get orders and deliver the foods directly to the houses. Users also availed themselves the convenience of ordering specific food from the preferred restaurant of their liking.

    The ongoing popularity of Food delivery apps among customers are breaking records with each passing day. Looking at the frantic pace of adoption of  Food delivery Development apps, one can easily sense the future of restaurants that have taken the swift digital turns.

    Food delivery apps are a modern trend on which the restaurant and hotel industry will majorly rely. Food delivery industry trends have forced big giants like UberEats, JustEat, GrubHub, and Deliveroo to hire food delivery software developers who brought a huge boom to business during the covid. With the indications of early, 5G deployment in first world countries, ongoing food delivery solutions are ready to give the restaurant industry everything they need.

    In keeping with the latest reports of Statistia (a leading consumer data provider) the revenue generated by the food delivery business will cross the benchmark of USD $151 million by the end of 2021. Revenue of the same is expected to witness the truly expedient growth of USD $182 Million by the year 2025.

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    What is the future of food Delivery?

    The food delivery business is showing strong signs toward the future inclination. This is the main reason why most restaurants and hotel owners are investing in on-demand food delivery app development.

    Should you invest in food delivery apps?

    Food delivery industry trends are confirming it to be a future giant with its customer-friendly UI/UX and convenience of order handling. So, it’s an educated choice to invest according to one’s need.

    Credit: Mark Haney

    Top Food Delivery Software Trends

    Millennials Love food

    Millennials are challenging the way of doing business in most industries. The restaurant industry is no longer the same as it was. It has been highly influenced by the purchasing power of millennials. Millennials are the most active consumers of the food industry. They are unlikely to eat food more at home like generation X was. Quoting the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials spend 38% less than generation X and 25 % less than baby boomers on home cooking.

    Instead, millennials have a strong preference to go out and eat food at restaurants and hotels. They are an “experienced longing” audience, tend to create, capture and share memories of their experiences.

    Solution with Smartphone

    There shouldn’t be any objection in acknowledging that smartphones are purposefully affecting every business. With more and more audiences diving into their phone screens before buying any product or service, it’s not hard to understand that they will do it with food delivery businesses too.

    Cloud kitchen experience

    The restaurant industry is on the verge of being revolutionized with cloud kitchens. Cloud/Ghost/virtual kitchen is a setup where big restaurant’s gonna rent their space to prepare delivery-optimized menu items. One restaurant may run a number of brands, servicing the same, under one roof. According to the estimates of the swiss bank, virtual or cloud kitchen is heading to touch the milestone of USD $ 365 Billion by the year 2030.

    On demand Food Delivery Softwares

    Customers prefer accessibility, speed, and convenience, hence, ordering food with smartphones is a flourishing demand. With food ordering convenience, on-time delivery, real-time location tracking, branding, increased customer engagement, rating, and reviews. Food delivery softwares are win-win situations for both owners and customers. On-demand food delivery app development has been always in demand — from a market capitalization of $82 billion in 2018 to $200 billion by 2025. Trends showed that by 2023, 14 million Americans, will use restaurant food delivery apps.

    TWS expertise in on-demand Food Delivery Softwares


    Food Delivery Startups

    Custom on-demand food delivery development solutions for startups.

    Express courier on scooter shipping order

    Restaurant Chains

    Increased ROI and Seamless food ordering app experience for your Customers.


    Single Restaurants

    A commercialized restaurant mobile app creates direct communication between you and customers.

    Order Via Tweet

    No doubt, everyone loves the simplicity and convenience of making and managing orders alongside enjoying lucrative offers. Ordering via tweet is just one example of companies offering to look different and reach more customers with unmatched convenience. The food industry seems to know better about luring customers than others.  Domino’s was the first to put forward this innovative feature of ordering via tweet to its users, now being queued for other brands too.

    Order via TV

    The exponential growth of smart TVs has not just licensed Netflix to outpour content. Smart TV users are busy ordering food from their TV too. The convenience in getting a simplified booking process, preferred by users has already insisted Papa John’s, make a TV app with a complete menu to place orders.

    Order Via Smartwatch

    The enhanced popularity of Food delivery softwares where users can manage their orders has influenced big players like dominos and papa john’s to invest in, making apps for smartwatches to further simplify the ordering system.

    Coupons And Discounts

    Coupons and discounts are the easiest way to hunt new customers for your restaurant. In present times, when your customer is on their phone, it’s a wise choice to spend money on online marketing rather than uncalculated traditional advertising. With a restaurant food ordering app fueled by Digital Marketing, restaurants can easily give coupons and discounts, that new and existing customers love beyond any doubt.

    Rating and Reviews

    All businesses depend on ratings and reviews to be labeled as an authoritative business. Millennials who are on smartphones, often check the rating and reviews of restaurants, even before entering them. Hence, Rating and reviews will be a decisive factor for businesses in order to gain trust in the eyes of customers.

    Want to boost your sales with a Robust Food Delivery App Development Solution? 

    TWS is a Food Ordering App Development Company, a bandwagon of globally successful online food delivery apps. We develop custom food delivery app development solutions that best suit your business.

    Delivery Transformation channels

    The idea of delivery transformation has got whole new life and significance after the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for safe and contactless delivery is outpouring so far.

    Drone Delivery service

    You might have some limited idea about drone delivery, e.g., restaurants will be delivering food with drones. But Actually drone delivery is way more complicated, yet future friendly. The ongoing call for contactless delivery by customers after COVID-19 does not seem to be ending. A drone delivery service is a promising food delivery solution, capable of delivering food without any physical interference.

    Delivery by robots

    The use of robotics is growing in all sectors at full tilt, and, It has turned the tables of the food industry too.  Several big companies such as Doordash, Nuro, Amazon, Starship, and Autox, etc have already begun using the contactless delivery app to deliver foods by robots. This does not only save the cost of delivery but also the idle time enjoyed by workers.

    Real-time location and Automation

    App users seriously wish to get real-time updates about their order. This ensures your customer to have knowledge about the whereabouts of his order, which leads restaurants to get satisfying client ratings. This is the reason why most online food delivery startups are marking real-time location tracking feature important.

    Digital Payments


    The increased volume of digital payment during COVID is self-explaining the future of the Payment system. Blockchain is one of the leading technologies, strongly impacting the payment sector with its full proof security and guarantee. Once integrated with the food industry, Blockchain has huge potential to revolutionize the industry.

    AI and ML are part of Payments

    Artificial intelligence and (AI) and machine learning (ML) are getting lots of buzz in recent years. but their use in the payment sector is truly unavoidable. They are becoming extremely necessary to eliminate the fraud in online payment. AI and ML are continuously impacting the online transaction by faster, easier, and more secure payment channels.

    Cloud influence

    Cloud is being used to create new business fronts that are more full proof and secure for big transactions. According to Deloitte, cloud payments in the world reached USD $23.1 trillion (B2B) just with 2020 ending. This volume is higher than the entire history of online payments. Leaders are inclined toward the use of the cloud because they know the cloud is more than a technology for the food industry.

    Your Turn

    The significant growth of food delivery softwares amid COVID is promising multidimensional future growth. With the ever-changing customer behavior and preference, digitalization in the food delivery business is extremely necessary. But before it touches its full potential, there are many things to be resolved for it to truly deliver on that promise.

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