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    Uses of Golang Web Framework and its Types

    Golang Web Framework

    Evolving technological era has necessitated the need for cost-effective, high speed, and reliable sources for a web application. The developers and users want the experience to be smooth and error-free. Therefore, to meet these demands, Google created Golang web frameworks. 

    It is not necessary to use frameworks for small applications. However, it helps build production-level applications. Golang web frameworks allow the users to write the APIs directly. Coding and debugging software can be a tedious task. That is where frameworks come into existence. They make the work easier by providing the developers the authority to use codes for similar functionalities. Frameworks for web development have eased the work of a custom software Development Company

    Golang is a programming language that provides secure and reliable software. For web developers, these were important Golang Frameworks.

    According to the stack overflow survey 2020, Golang web development is the ‘third’ most wanted language by the developers. 

    Golang Web Framework

    As said earlier, writing and executing codes without a framework can be a tedious task. This is where web frameworks come in handy. They save tons of time and brainstorming. With web frameworks, you can focus more on your business rather than the development of apps and websites. 

    But why use Golang web frameworks?

    We can answer this question by analyzing the pros and cons of Golang web development.


    Let us study some of the reasons for the popularity of Golang web frameworks.

    1. Speed

    Golang is used for multiple app development because of its fast speed. Since the packages are already available to import, it saves the development and code execution time. 

    It is preferred over other programming languages given its small binary and the smaller virtual runtime.

    2. Available libraries/packages

    The ready-to-go packages of Golang web frameworks make it the fifth most loved framework for app development. These built-in libraries ease the work of I/O handling, cryptography, and manipulating raw bytes.

    Some of the available packages on Github are MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis. 

    3. Static typing

    Static typing eases the work of the developers and the Golang web framework is famous for that. It helps to create high-performance applications by statically typing the input type. Using this feature reduces the chances of error making. 

    4. Rapid development

    Although Golang web development is fairly new in the market, the increasing usage in custom web app development has led to its growth. The easy-to-learn and adapt feature of this framework has made it fairly easy to develop. It is offering to solve even more complex patterns in the future.


    There has never been a single technology without any cons. Like any other custom web development software, this too has some downsides. Although it does save the execution time, there is more to frameworks than syntax.

    1. Not fully developed

    Although the Golang web framework is rapidly developing, the language is still new and in its early stages of development. Therefore we should wait and give it time to develop fully. For the developers, there isn’t much information available on its usage. 

    2. No basic generic

    Since Google developed the Golang Web frameworks, it lacks the use of a generic/niche language like Java, Python. This can be an issue for the developers who are comfortable with the said language. Additionally, it also creates a ruckus in the development market for the non-reusable codes.

    3. Package availability

    However, the Golang web framework offers packages that ease the development process. Yet, the number of packages available for this particular framework is quite low in number. 

    The developer has to depend on a third-party library. 

    Types of Golang Web Frameworks

    The type of app development is the deciding factor in choosing the Golang web framework. A few frameworks are more loved than the others. Some of them are easy to use and used for high-performance apps.

    Here listed are some of the top frameworks used by the developers.

    1. Martini

    It is the quickest and lightweight framework offered by Golang. Its non-intrusive design and routing features make it one of the most used frameworks. It deals with exception handling and middleware.

    The classic martini framework includes features like a global logger, HTTP response, and HTTP request writer.

    2. Gin

    Reviewed with 50k stars, Gin is immensely loved within the developer community. It is claimed to be 40 times faster than martini but with a similar API. 

    Another distinguished feature of gin is its permit to reuse the codes. However, it does come with a con. It is only suitable to develop smaller applications.

    3. Echo

    Echo AKA micro-framework has extensive documentation. It has built-in middleware but simultaneously allows the developers to create their middleware. 

    It uses http/2 for increasing the speed and performance of development. With the ‘net’ package, the developer can directly access the HTTP requests and responses.

    4. Beego

    The features of beego are similar to Django in Python. It is used for both frontend and backend development of applications. It has an MVC framework and does not require third-party installations.

    The REST API of beego framework makes it suitable for automated testing and packing. Additionally, it has built-in modules like ORM support and context handling. This makes a powerful foundation for an application.

    What should you do? 

    Considering the advantages and the frameworks offered by Golang, you can use them to develop web apps. You can hire a custom software development company for acquiring web development services. 

    You can hire Jai Infoway Developers if you think you’ll require an expert Golang development business that can provide dedicated support using the newest tools and technologies.

    You can save up to 50% on Development/Maintenance/Support Costs by Choosing Jai Infoway Golang Development Company.

    If you want to build something robust with Go web frameworks, you can contact Jai Infoway at any time with your project requirements.

    Wrapping Up

    These were some of the most used frameworks. Yet, there are many other frameworks available for different purposes. 

    Comparing your requirements and the Golang services, you can make your decision of using Golang web services or not. You can always get an expert opinion on the matter.

    If you are looking for best Python Development Company, tekki web solutions pvt. ltd. is there for you.

    Is Golang good for the backend?

    Golang is a statically typed, high-speed framework. It is a multi-purpose framework built for backend app development.

    Can Golang be used for the front end?

    Since Golang has a very simple and easy-to-use syntax, it is highly advisable for frontend development. 

    Is Golang similar to Java?

    Golang has some features that are similar to Java. Some of these features include data handling, garbage collection, and multithreading. The syntax for Golang is also similar to Java.

    What is Golang used for?

    Golang is used for the frontend and backend development of applications. The frameworks make it quite easy to develop apps in a short period.

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