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How to Create Fully-Featured Enterprise Web Applications?

enterprise web applications

In this competitive era, every business owner or entrepreneur wants to take up their business to the next level. And the Enterprise web applications are the one that contributes to your business’s success. So, our today’s topic is focused on enterprise web applications.

In this article, you will read what enterprise web applications are? How are enterprise web applications beneficial for organizations? How to build enterprise web apps, etc.

Let’s start with the most common and important question these days. What is Enterprise Web Applications?

Enterprise web apps are specially designed to save the cost and time of the enterprises. The enterprises adopt these web apps as they allow businesses to manage and record the company’s internal and external operations.


Examples of Enterprise Web Applications

Some of the reputed companies that use the enterprise web apps are YahooMicrosoftWalmartNetflixLinkedinGoogle, and Uber

Why Businesses Need Enterprise Web Apps?

Before going more deeper into the topic of enterprise web apps, let’s first understand the need for web apps by large organizations and businesses. Let’s consider a situation – you are the owner of a company, definitely, your primary goal to attract customers and grow your business. So, would you accomplish all your goals just by having a simple website? No, you can’t. Here is the time where your business demands the enterprise web application. Since the web apps offer a more extensive customer reach because of their customizable features that are more useful for the customers.

  • Web apps bring more flexibility to your workplace
  • Improve customer support
  • Branding & Publicity

What are the Main Enterprise Applications?

Generally, four major enterprise applications include enterprise systems, supply chain management systems, customer relationship management, knowledge management systems, etc.

What are Enterprise-level Applications?

Enterprise-level applications, also known as Enterprise Web Applications. These web applications that allows you to manage the business operations and processes.

Benefits of Enterprise Web Applications

Having enterprise web apps, your enterprise would get numerous benefits. So, here are some of the advantages of having enterprise web apps:

  • In any case of data loss or technical errors, you can quickly recover the data.
  • Web apps provide high-end security features, so it helps your business to win the customer’s trust.
  • By having custom-made web apps, you can win the competition in the market.
  • The use of enterprise web apps leads to better performance and improved efficiency.
  • As consumers and employees can access the services anytime and anywhere, it improves your business visibility.
  • Custom made enterprise web apps are flexible and scalable to business’s demands and requirements.

Website versus Web Apps – How are they different?

Some people are still confused about finding a difference between websites and web applications. So, let’s first differentiate these two – websites versus web applications.

Websites are a collection of web pages, media content, etc that can be accessed using a single domain name, and all these web pages are published on one server. For instance – www.tekkiwebsolutions.com, www.reddit.com, etc.

Web Applications means a website that allows interaction with the users, where you can enter, browse, pick a product, pay for it, and buy it online. For instance, – Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Web Application Development Services

TWS’s experienced team can deliver appropriate web software to boost the speed, agility, efficiency, and scale of your business operations.

How to Create an Enterprise Web Application?

As we know, the enterprise web applications are based on the client-server interaction. Now, we will proceed with the concept of how web apps work? The working of the enterprise web apps is all about the communication of the clients and the server. When a user enters the web application address in the browser, it is directed to the server, and the server forwards this request to the requested web app.

The development of web apps based on open-source technologies and frameworks allows flexibility and makes it developer-friendly. Thus, it requires the front end and back end technologies to develop enterprise web apps.

Front-end technologies and frameworks comprise a UI/UX design technologies with which the applications are designed with the latest technologies like AngularJS, React, Bootstrap, etc. and Back-end technologies and frameworks include the technologies that create an environment for creating the web apps more rapidly using the technologies like NodeJS, Laravel, etc.

technology stack

Frontend technology stack includes:

  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript and JS Libraries
  • Web Frameworks like AngularJS, React, Bootstrap

Backend technology stack includes:

  • Hibernate
  • Spring
  • Apache Struts2

Some of the best enterprise databases:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

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Enterprise Web Application Development Process

Following the right and accurate path for the enterprise web app development process ensures product delivery on time, up-to-date, and error-free.

  • Plan the development through documentation, including – defining web application, purpose, goals, and development model
  • Requirement analysis and user research
  • Specifications and features of functional product
  • Selection of technology stack for frontend and backend
  • Third-party analysis and selection of features
  • Wireframing and design layouts
  • Define database structures
  • Quality assurance and unit testing
  • Maintenance after deployment

Features of Successful Enterprise Web Applications

To make the enterprise web app development more successful, you can follow these must-have features of the enterprise web apps.

Mobile-friendly Interface

As most people interact on the web apps through mobile devices and smartphones, you must make the user interface of the web applications user-friendly and compatible with all mobile devices.

Your web app’s screen resolution should adjust as per the screen of the smartphones or user’s device for successful web app development.

Third-party Integration

Third-party integration in the enterprise web apps makes the use of apps much easier for the users. For instance, a user is trying to register on the web application but doesn’t have enough time to fill the details, so in such a situation, he/she could use the feature of social integration. Thus, third-party integration in your web apps makes the process quick and smooth.

Push Notifications

Having the push notifications feature in your enterprise web application makes your application engaging for the customers. Customers will get to know about the latest features and offer on your web applications through the push notification features.

Live Chat

Integrating the live chat feature in the enterprise web applications make it a more customer-centric application. It is a convenient way to stay connected with your customers by having live chat features in web apps.

Online Payment 

Incorporating the online payment gateways in your enterprise web application makes your web apps a more handy and viable option. It improves the payment experience of the customers through web apps.

Other features that you can integrate your enterprise web apps are voice search optimization, motion UI, AR/VR, cybersecurity, responsive web designs, artificial intelligence, and bots, etc.

In Few Words

Building enterprise web applications require the right technology stack and understanding of the features before the development process. By having the enterprise web application, it will give a push to your business. Web apps are easier to create, useful for both the clients and businesses, easier to install and maintain.

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