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    7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience for Your e-commerce Website

    improve customer experience

    The e-commerce industry is experiencing an all-time rise, thanks to the ample benefits of remote shopping. The Covid-19 pandemic has just added fuel to the fire and increased the e-commerce graph tremendously. Most of the brands are investing in the e-commerce sector, leading to tremendous competition in the digital world. Scale up your online business with eCommerce website development services.

    Expectations of online shoppers are also increasing, and hence it is essential to invest in customer service to prevent them from moving to competitors.

    Customer Service Statistics indicate that:

    • 84% of the customers focus on customer service of a brand before purchasing from it.
    • 95% of the customers are loyal to a brand due to its exemplary customer service
    • 92% of the customers stop purchasing from a brand after repetitive lousy customer experiences.

    A bad customer service experience may result in losing out on sales and profits. It may also cause negative publicity for the brand. In contrast, a good customer experience will help create trust, increase the loyal base, increase referrals, and ultimately lead to increased sales and ROI.

    It’s proven that the cost of acquiring a customer is five times more than retaining an existing one.

    Customer experience is the experience that a customer faces during the entire buyer journey, i.e., from knowing about the brand, communicating, comparing, and later buying the product. Therefore, a happy customer experience can increase:

    A Happy customer > Referrals > Positive Reviews > Boosts Conversion Rates > Increases Sales and ROI.

    In this article, let’s check out a few knockout ways which can help you to attain improve customer experience and create happy customers.

    Gratify Your Customers:

    Statistics indicate that:

    • An increase in the customer retention rate by 5% leads to a 25%-95% rise in profits.
    • 89% of the businesses feel that a good customer experience makes loyal customers

    You can create happy customers by implementing the below-mentioned customer delight tips.

    • Personalized thanking you emails or giving out customer loyalty gifts
    • Free discount offers on shopping above specific amounts
    • Inviting them for new products or services
    • Loyalty schemes on each purchase

    Ensure to delight your customers via your e-commerce website by showering them with surprises and by exceeding their expectations.

    Amazon is a fine example of creating and maintaining positive customer experiences.

    Easy Navigation & Good Site Speed:

    Easy navigation enables your visitors to speed up their searches and come to a quick purchase decision. It also reduces the chances of site abandonment and ensures customer confidence in the brand.

    Customers love to see their searches instantly as they enter the desired menu on your website, rather than studying your site and finding their searches.

    Consistency in content, good categorization of products, appropriate clickable links, precise navigation titles, etc., are the features that make your e-commerce website navigation easier and website products desirable.

    Customers hate waiting, and the same stands true for websites too. They expect quick site loads and page loads so that they can check out their favourite products.

    Research indicates that almost 47% of the customers expect a quick loading speed of 2 seconds or less, whereas 40% of the customers abandon sites taking more than 3 seconds to load.

    Ensure to choose a fast web host, compress images, optimize core web vitals and minimize java scripts for a good website speed.

    Use Social Media Presence for Customer Experience:

    Social media users account for 49% (3.9 billion) of the total global population. With such a vast audience, you can easily portray your brand voice and values and gain customers. The positive SMX (Social Media Experience) is when you understand the customer’s desires and emotions and deliver the relevant experience to stay in the digital competition.

    Example: Look at the image above and see how Wendy’s (US fast-food restaurant) stays on the top of social media by addressing positive compliments and negative queries for giving positive experiences to their customers.

    Use social media to deliver the best customer experience and make your website stand out amongst your competitors.

    Personalize your Customer Experience:

    Personalization not only helps in a better customer experience but also increases sales and loyalty. Previously only personalized offers or emails persisted, but now customer expectations are way beyond those. They want personalized touchpoints in their entire buyer journey so that they can get their desired preferences.

    Personalized recommendations, personalized products, personalized services, personalized shipping, personalized discounts, and the list is endless.

    All this enhances the buyer experience and keeps you in business so ensure to invest in a customer service team that studies customer profiles and offers customer support via social media channels for providing a personalized experience.

    Install SSL Security for Customer Trust:

    In the e-commerce industry, dangers like cyber-attacks, phishing attacks, etc., are prevalent, making customers think twice before trusting an e-commerce website with their purchases.

    They are sceptical before punching their credit card details for making a purchase, and hence website security is essential to imbibe the trust factor in them.

    Here, the security for eCommerce is essential and you can think about an SSL certificate – a primary security protocol for almost every website nowadays. Let me brief you on how an SSL certificate works. This digital certificate uses 256-bit encryption to secure your communication. Encryption converts the plain text into ciphertext, making it unreadable which improve customers’ trust.

    Once you have an SSL on your website, it shows trust symbols like HTTPS (Hyper-text Transfer Protocol Secure) in the address bar and a padlock in the URL. These certificates also come with site seals.

    However, you may have dilemma about the selection of SSL certificate. The answer is if an ecommerce website runs on subdomains, then a wildcard SSL is required. You can find many options like RapidSSL Wildcard, GlobalSign Wildcard SSL, Comodo Essential SSL wildcard, etc from authorised resellers and certificate authorities.

    Optimize Your Website for Mobile:

    Ensure that your website is responsive to other devices like tablets and mobiles. Don’t underestimate mobile internet usage since mobile devices generated 54.8% of the global website traffic.

    If your website is responsive to other devices, you need not have to fret about the devices your traffic uses. You can relax and enjoy the rise in sales as well as your SEO position

    Simplify your Checkout Process:

    The easier the checkout page, the better the sales. In addition, a simple checkout process helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate. Research indicates that 1 out of 5 shoppers abandon carts due to the complex checkout process.


    • Use Google Autofill
    • Make your checkout page responsive to mobile
    • Ask for payment information at the end
    • Avoid hidden costs
    • Enable guest checkouts
    • Provide customer support via live chat in case of queries
    • Add a “Save to Cart” button
    • Secure your checkout page with SSL certificate security (show site seals)
    • Give multiple payment options

    Ensure to use these tips on your checkout page for a memorable customer experience.

    Few more Ways: 

    • Keep track of customer satisfaction score
    • Implement live chat option
    • Incorporate relevant keywords and content
    • Upsell and Cross-sell products
    • Ensure free and quick shipping
    • Make clear return policies
    • Add customer reviews


    Every factor ends up in giving good services to your customers. In a nutshell, helping them in their purchase decision, explaining the benefits of your products, or resolving their queries, support at each stage matters.

    Quick and friendly customer service is the key to a memorable customer experience. Use the above tips to improvise the customer experience of your e-commerce website, satisfy their expectations, keep them delighted and rule the digital world.

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    We're collaborating with some of the largest brands in the world, as well as with startups. We'd love to learn your needs.

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