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    How to Boost your Business with Digital Marketing Post Covid-19

    digital Marketing post covid

    It’s an open secret that the covid pandemic has hit businesses very hard. Covid has shut down most of the small and medium scale businesses that were solely relying on traditional marketing. Those companies who had invested themselves in Digital marketing survived.  This is the main reason why every business is focusing more on digital marketing. The demand for digital marketing post covid is booming rapidly.

    You probably have listened to the maxim “Never depend on a single source of income”. The same goes for marketing. No doubt, traditional marketing is a good way to get customers and increase brand awareness but Digital marketing is something that has broken all the barriers of advertising by providing every major necessity.

    During the pandemics, companies with the traditional advertising system collapsed badly. But businesses with digital advertising stayed one step ahead of their competitors in getting customers and generating profits. So, now it’s obvious for every business to go online if they are really serious about their business with Digital Marketing Post Covid.

    We at tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has created a wonderful guide about how you can put life to your dying business with digital Marketing post covid. Take a look!

    What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital Marketing refers to the process of marketing products and services online with the help of electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, etc. In other words, digital marketing means to advertise products or services on internet channels such as search engines, social media sites, etc. The purpose of doing digital marketing is to ensure brand awareness of the product.

    Are you losing this opportunity?

    It is very important to understand why businesses are choosing digital marketing post covid to enhance customers. Just look at these statistics of, you will understand why time demands to shift your business from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Among 7.676 Billion Population around the World, 5.112 Billion are Unique Mobile Users, 4.388 Billion Internet Users, 3.484 Billion Active Social Media Users, and 3.256 Mobile Social Media Users.

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    Why you Need Digital Marketing for your business?

    Although we can advertise businesses through traditional marketing. But traditional marketing has many limitations.  On the other hand, digital marketing is giving you better results with less effort and budget.

    • Digital Marketing gives instant results.
    • Digital Marketing helps to promote products or services.
    • It takes less time and effort to implement the whole process.
    • Digital Marketing cuts down the money, spent on unnecessary things.
    • It enhances the digital presence of your business.
    • It eases the lead generation process.
    • It benefits your business in targeting new audiences and customers.
    • It developers brand loyalty.
    • It improves sales and revenue and increases business profit.

    Top Benefits of Digital Marketing

    • Brand Awareness
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Media Visibility
    • Website Traffic
    • Client Engagement
    • Leads and Conversions

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    Why Digital Marketing Overtakes Traditional Marketing?

    Those days are gone when business owners have to use traditional marketing sources to promote their business and target the local audience. But, in this digital era, businesses who are using traditional marketing, are living in the old times. Digital marketing turns out to be the best tool for business growth with modern strategies. Have a look at traditional marketing and digital marketing:

    Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing 
    Traditional Marketing means to reach customers through print media and electronic media like TV, telephone, newspaper, banners, door to door, etc. Digital Marketing means to reach customers through the medium of electronic sources and advanced sources like search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc.
    Traditional Marketing is an expensive source of marketing. Digital Marketing is a cost-effective source of marketing.
    Traditional Marketing is not good for brand awareness and audience targeting. Digital Marketing is ideal to create brand awareness and target the right audience.
    Traditional Marketing is difficult to measure. Digital Marketing is easy to measure.
    Sources of Traditional Marketing
    -TV advertisement
    -Print Ads and Banners
    Sources of Digital Marketing
    -Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    -Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    -Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    -Content Marketing
    -Email Marketing

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    How to Boost Your Business with Digital Marketing Post Covid-19?

    Digital Marketing opens a new world of advertisement. It’s not limited to pamphlets, newspapers, televisions, and outdated radio channels. Now,  you have the opportunity to show your product and services to your desired audience just with some clicks on your computer. Let’s check how!

    1. Mark Your Presence online: The first and foremost step you need to take is to mark your presence online. Take your brand in front of the customers who are looking at their phone screens 24/7. To do this, create social Media Profiles of your product, and services. This process is called the branding of the business. Your online presence works as direct support in telling who you are and what services you offer to your customer. Going online is a great way to stay in touch with your old as well as potential customers.
    2. Make a Website: The second thing that can do wonders for your business is your own website. Creating a website for your brand is a good way to mark your business professional in the respected domain. Create a website to give more exposure to your brand so that people from all over the world can know you better. Having a website is the first milestone in your journey of digital marketing post covid. It Builds trust among customers about your brand and service. A website also helps in collecting leads for your business. These leads may turn out to be a loyal customer of your business, later.
    3. Social Media Marketing: Content marketing or social media marketing is one of the best ways to boost your business post covid. Content marketing refers to sharing content related to your business with the audience on your various social media handles. Content marketing keeps your audiences fresh and engaged with your business. The content your share with your audience Should provide value to your audience. It helps in reaching out to more customers.  Your brand becomes used to things for them. This results in getting loyal customers who will make a long-term partnership with your brand.
    4. Do Search Engine Optimization:  Search Engine Optimization is a process of giving exposure to your business on the search engine results page. SEO helps in getting your website top of your competitor, resulting in more business for you. Doing Search Engine Optimization is a long process but the result is also consistent and fruitful. It’s a one-time investment with long term gains. However, search engine optimization is something that demands experienced hands for implementation. Without hiring an SEO Expert you will be scratching your head, finding what’s wrong with your site.
    5. Pay-per-click (PPC): Businesses who are eager to taste success in a short span of time can choose pay-per-click as their desired option for digital marketing post covid-19. The only thing that you need to care about in (PPC )pay-per-click is, that it takes some investment to start with. Apart from this, running a Pay-per-click campaign needs expertise and years of experience to get the desired outcome.  A number of the platforms are available to start your digital marketing post covid. They are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Solo ads, And LinkedIn Ads. You can approach PPC Expert to get you more business online. If you try to do this on your own, you’ll be spending your precious budget without getting any profit. 
    6. Email Marketing: Email Marketing is another way to reach out to your potential customers and then inviting them to buy your product and services. Email Marketing starts with the lead generation from your website and then following those leads in their mailbox. Email marketing is a good tool to reach directly to your customer and offer them something valuable for their business. Email Marketing also needs an expert in order to start. Without a proficient Email Marketing expert, it tough to get ROI from Email Marketing.

    Scope of digital marketing in future

    As we all know, Pandemic has made a great mess for a few months. It has arisen a difficult situation for the customers and businesses as well. During this time, digital marketing is the only way to help businesses to regain the confidence of customers. Marketing is all about connecting the customers in the right place and at the right time, and Digital Marketing is the most favorable option for this. The future of digital marketing is shining due to the number of benefits provided by this advertising method.

    1) Inexpensive Approach

    Advertising cost is one of the biggest financial burdens on businesses, these days. Somehow, large enterprises are managed to bear this cost, but, it is very difficult for the small business to sustain in this situation. Whether you are a large business owner or a small business owner, following digital marketing post covid is the right approach for you. Unlike traditional marketing, you needn’t spend heaps of money on it.

    2) Ease in Performance Tracking

    With the advent of technology, the invention of the latest analytics tools helps businesses to track marketing performances, results. The free analytic tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, etc. helps the marketers and business owners to track the user behavior on their business, how customers are responding, their geographical details, frequency of clicks on your website, etc.

    3) Accurate Audience Targeting

    Digital Marketing Strategies allows businessmen and marketers to improve the accuracy of audience targeting with the right information. No doubt, the traditional marketing works on the spray and prays strategy during which they just run an advertisement and expect to be loved by the right audience. But, in case of digital marketing, there is nothing like traditional marketing, here you are aware of the fact that where is your audience from whom you are targeting, and what kind of stuff they actually want, etc. So, digital marketing has made the marketing process easy for the business world.

    4) Greater Engagement

    For the flawless process, every business needs the customer’s attention. Here, digital marketing strategies help you to attain this. You can improve the customer and audience engagement on your website by using the right content marketing strategies and social media marketing. Higher user engagement on your business websites means your website has a lower bounce rate. So, this factor helps your website to rank on search engines. Website ranking plays an important role in improving business sales and revenue.
    So, these are some of the fantastic benefits that are helpful to boost our business growth with digital marketing strategies.

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    Wrapping it up

    In short, Digital Marketing post covid will stay competitive with other businesses. You can’t grow your business without having the right digital marketing strategies. The selection of right marketing tactics plays a key role in the success or failure of our business. It is also advisable to choose digital marketing services from digital marketing companies only. Sometimes the incorrect selection of digital marketing agency results in search engine penalties. If you have any doubt related to digital marketing services or how to increase sales of your business growth with digital marketing, then hire digital marketing agency, Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    Beside this, Moreover, the key to greater success is Outsource digital marketing when it comes to promoting and growing your business.

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