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    Why Shifting to Salon Booking Software Is a Great Idea for Salon Owners

    Salon Booking Software

    It’s a matter of great shock that salon owners still balk at the idea of revolutionizing their salon. It should be acknowledged that with each passing day, not only they lose a vast customer population, but also lose their ability to grow further. The salon sector, being a part of the beauty industry must stay updated with the latest trends and technologies of the market. Adopting salon booking software has been on the bucket list of all the future-minded salon owners, since long. Many of them also milked this opportunity and increased their customer base and revenue every day.

    If you have also thoughts coming in your mind about salon booking software but perplexed about its utility. Then,  Tekki Web Solutions has made this wonderful guide just to make things easier for you.

    Salon booking software is a revolutionary apparatus that is transforming the salon industry in every possible way. You might be managing your salon with just a computer on your desk, thinking that it facilitates you to do everything. But It’s not the complete truth at all. Apart from making some lists and keeping records, you would be managing all the salon operation bookings, scheduling, cancellations, refunds, customer list, returning customers, and so on, taking too much time on your own.

    Having salon booking software makes these easier for you so that you can shift your focus to other important work. A salon booking software facilitates you in many ways but most importantly it drastically changes the customer’s perception of your salon.

    How much does salon software cost?

    The cost of salon management software depends on the services you take. If you are taking the subscription plan of a particular website, $200-$1000, depending on the features you want. However, getting your own Custom Salon management software is an ideal and one-time investment.

    What features does a salon booking software must have?

    A perfect salon booking software offers a variety of services, necessary for the seamless running of the Salon. This includes Appointment booking, rescheduling, offer checking, feedback system, referral program, and so on.

    Easy Appointment Scheduling

    Getting an online booking software for the salon makes the scheduling of the appointment easy. It gives the users the ability to book an appointment at any given time. They can easily choose the preferred day and time to visit. They need not be on the waiting list to call you and ask for a time slot. With salon booking software, one can easily see the available date and time and pick easily.

    Reduce Missed Appointments

    Salon booking software helps the salon owner to perfectly manage the appointments so that no one can be missed. Missing an appointment creates negative perceptions in your client’s mind as it wastes his time and effort. You can easily send a message or email to the client for apologizing as his chosen beautician is on leave today.

    Better Employee Management

    With help of online salon booking software, a new life can be put in the employee management task. You might be missing the complete employee work reports, check-in time, check-out time, activities performed, and in some cases how many clients he handled on a particular day. All this data is crucial to have, hence salon software puts a major effort into this field.

    Business automation

    You can experience complete business automation with the help of salon management software. It just doesn’t make online booking easier, but also does the complete transformation of your business. Automation easily reduces your dependence on humans, improving work performance & efficiency. It lets you showcase your best services to the customer such as staff and time slots, price, service quality, and standards, etc., to your customer. Your customer, employee can be easily notified by SMS and Email notifications about all booked/canceled appointments, transactions, service requests, by the salon software.

    Review Management

    Online reviews always work wonders in getting new clients.  Hence, review management is necessary as “86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses before visiting them. This including a massive 95% of people in the age 18-34 — says Lockhart-Meyer. It’s self witnessing that before trying any new store/product /service, we do read reviews to get some perception about the work done. Ratings and reviews dramatically affect the entire business, regardless of the industry.

    Consider Salon Management Software To Outcome Less Footfalls?

    Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading software development company with 10+ years of industry experience can make this happen for you.

    Easy branding

    Do you think that your salon will be perceived as a premium spot, forward-focused, business savvy, and cutting edge, only because you think it is? Well, this answer is simply negative. This is the reason why every brand put their major focus in branding. Salon management software makes the branding part easier with lots of branding channels available such as SEO, SMM, PPC, Video Marketing, and so on.

    Gain new clients

    Salon management software is a perfect way to gain new clients who are currently far away from your reach. The huge potential of social media can be used to deliver new customers to your door. Referral programs are also made to do the same.

    Easy Sales Management

    If you’re worried about the number of footfalls in your saloon. Then you need not worry as Saloon booking software makes this thing easier for you. It’s much convenient to keep an eagle view on the sales coming to your salon. By fetching the full record of previous and new customers, repeating customers one can effortlessly make better sales decisions.

    Improve Productivity

    Productivity does not only increase with more and more qualified beauticians and experts. It can be counted on the number of tasks done in a single day that too, with perfection and client satisfaction. Salon management software automates every major task of the salon business that ultimately increases productivity.

    Ease to customers

    Customers are always looking for a convenient side to be on. Salon booking software is the option that brings ease and comfort to all areas of business. Top-grade features such as scheduled appointment, choosing the perfect time slot, getting coupon & discount, ability to choose the desired beautician, easy cancellation and schedule adjustment offers next level of ease to the customers,

    Manage Day to Day Activities

    Salon business is one of the most competitive business areas with ever changing customer preference and choice. If the owner keeps themselves busy with the same hectic day to day schedule, it is unlikely to grow and fulfills the changing demands set by customers.

    Offers, Coupons, and Discount

    Retaining old salon customers for the long run is not as easy as pie. Your better customer service is also not going to work for a long period of time as customers tend to explore different services at different salons. Giving offers and discounts right on their phone would be a perfect option to get them back to your door.

    Last but not least...

    1. Better inventory management can be performed with the help of the customer Salon management app.
    2. Customers can be engaged with the help of a referral and loyalty program where you give points on each visit, that can be cashed later.
    3. The point of sale service can be dramatically increased with saloon management software.
    4. Having a salon booking software helps in better marketing efforts. One can choose any method of digital marketing, be it social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click, and so on, depending on the owner’s choice.
    5. The feedback system of the salon management app would be helpful to get the real feedback of your employee, who gave his service to the customer.
    6. Your entire business can be personalized with custom salon booking software.
    7. Adding the artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) features in custom salon management software, can revitalize the entire business from its core.

    Your TakeAway

    A Salon Booking software can organize the entire salon mechanism easily and eliminate a number of problems. The customer demands and preferences are changing with every single day. Now, when, they are actively looking to get the best services with full comfort and satisfaction. A salon booking Software Would be a panacea to your business.

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    We're collaborating with some of the largest brands in the world, as well as with startups. We'd love to learn your needs.

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