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    8 Surefire Taxi App Development Ideas To Be The Unicorn Of Taxi Industry

    unique-taxi-app ideas

    A few years back, Taxi apps were not so popular and revenue-generating business models as they are now.  But thanks to Lyft, Uber, via, BlaBla cars, to make the taxi business so demanding among users from all over the world. Now, when entrepreneurs are rapidly toward getting a taxi app development, the market seems to be more competitive than before. With more and more companies coming into the ridesharing app business, it has become extremely important to find out what new can be given to users in order to sustain in the market and be profitable and consistent under the same service roof. 

    Tekki Web solution, being the connoisseur of the Web development industry, explored the entire web and researchers to bring the best Surefire Taxi app development ideas for entrepreneurs. Take a look!

    Before diving into the On-Demand Taxi Booking App ideas, it’s good to get some estimated facts about the current and future market trends. Keeping a view with the research of marketsandmarkets, the ride-sharing and carpooling industry is all set to reach the market value of USD $218 Billion by the year 2025. The CAGR is estimated to be around 19.83 percent, which is huge than ever. The Taxi App development market has witnessed a huge jump when compared to the data of 2018 which was only USD $61.3 billion in market value.

    Why do you need a new Taxi App?

    The existing Taxi market has become far more competitive than it was before. Either you put so much effort into creating good space in the market for you or you can simply get an app build, that is in demand.

    How can I improve my Taxi service?

    The power of branding doesn’t leave Transportation business alone. The features you provide and services you offer need to be updated along with your Taxi App.

    Unique Taxi app development Ideas

    The increasing and immense competition in the taxi app business model has opened several new fronts in the ride-sharing business model. Avid and Innovative minds are constantly seeking new ideas to harness this thought-provoking opportunity. So, without taking much time, let directly head to the taxi app development ideas.

    Online Car Rental App

    The global car rental industry, independently booming with a USD $122 billion markets by 2022. Online car rental apps are gaining popularity among travelers and people with no four-wheelers. The idea alone has the capability to penetrate almost every sector where vehicles are needed for the transportation of things. Several startups such as Turo, Zipcar, and kayak, etc are already gaining a round of applauds for providing this kind of service. Being a cost-effective and cheaper option to travel to different places, online car rental apps are a perfect idea to implement.

    On-Demand bike-sharing app

    People are largely admiring the new transportation model that gives convenience and ease in traveling. On-demand bike-sharing apps are among those influential business models that have the capability to grow faster than others. Reason? The idea alone has gained huge popularity in first world countries such as the United States, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, Italy, etc. In China alone, there are 430 Bike-sharing businesses working day and night.

    Bike-sharing apps are far more economical than car-sharing apps. Hence, it is preferred by individuals for shorter distances and countryside visits. Easy availability, local authority support, and price compatibility have also provided additional support to this model.

    Luxury Vehicle Renting and sharing app

    The longing of looking different and luxurious has given the idea to develop a taxi app that serves people looking for a luxury vehicle. They may need it for any personal or business purpose. Whatever the reason could be, but the demand for luxury vehicle sharing apps can be seen with a positive perception, without any doubt. Making it micro, the feature of renting Luxury vehicles can also be added and implemented in cities where lots of vehicles are standing in the backyard without any use. Luxury vehicle renting and sharing apps can give a competitive edge to the taxi and carpooling business in no time.

    College students cab sharing apps

    The expedient demand for safe and secure college-going carpooling cabs has been seen as a big opportunity for the business personals who want to get involved in Taxi app development. These apps are being preferred by College going millennials to experience a hassle-free and comfortable experience. Wheelie and carPro is a perfect example, who leveraged this opportunity and made the first-ever app, following the model. Students can easily split the driving costs of rides and experience economical journey. It's also a great way to make new friends and reduce the carbon footprint too.

    Ambulance app

    The famous maxim “pizza comes faster than the ambulance” has proven wrong by the Taxi service industry so far. Now, by tapping some buttons on the screen, an ambulance can easily reach your desired location with great efficiency and on time. Ambulance apps have already got huge popularity in the form of the private air ambulance, road ambulance, and marine ambulance, in cases where other ambulances cannot reach.

    On-demand Chauffeurs Service

    On-demand chauffeur service is a leading transportation choice being followed by a large number of people across the world. Among all kinds of taxi development ideas, on-demand chauffeurs service is unique in its kind, because it doesn’t need any heavy load of work. Contrary to uber-like apps where entrepreneurs need to employ chauffeurs as well as vehicles. In on-demand chauffeurs service, all you need to get a custom app development and employ the best drivers of the locality.

    Commercial Transportation App

    Despite commercial transportation being used largely in the world, there is ample room for innovative minds to consider. The only disadvantage of the existing transportation system is that industries need to employ and manage every vehicle and chauffeurs traditionally. On the other side, Logistics businesses who use apps such as Trucking App, Ride-Sharing App, Employee Transportation App have solved myriad problems in the transportation sector. Commercial transportation is a new front that can open up a totally new opportunity for growth and profit.

    Travel and hotel App Development

    You might be familiar with travel and hotel app development -- knowing that it is made to serve travelers. But the trends of finding more and more exciting and historical places have opened up the opportunity of App development that only deals with the people going here and there- just to explore cities. Agencies can create travel and hotel apps for much more than listing, booking, route checking, and booking hotels & restaurants. Companies can also offer a more convenient tool to search for desired destinations, keeping their cost minimal with a guide on the side as well.


    At present, more and more people are wondering if Taxi app development is a good idea to venture into. Let us tell you, Taxi app development is a sound business idea only if you clearly define your goal and objectives with strong market analysis and getting an error-free Taxi App development. You can take inspiration from UBER, LYFT and Wheelie, and carpro who came with a fresh idea that changed the entire transportation market.

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