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IT Staff Augmentation

Reasons to Leverage the IT Staff Augmentation Services to your Company

Hiring a highly skilled company for the IT staff augmentation services can be beneficial for your business in several ways. You can not only control your team but also eliminate the additional costs.


Cost-effective Approach

Hire a full-time and skilled engineer temporarily to scale up your project efficiency.

user acquisition


It offers a higher level of flexibility as they can hire talent as per the demand of the project.


Operational Efficiency

It improves the operational efficiency as they needn't bear the infrastructural costs.


Software Security

You can secure your software by hiring security experts and implementing their best practices.


Workforce Scalability

Scale up your workforce by hiring professional and highly skilled full-time developers.


Management Control

Companies will have full control over staff management from assigning tasks to project completion.

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Primary Types of IT Staff Augmentation Services

The staff augmentation services can be utilized on both a short-term and long-term basis. The rest of the services are based on the demand of the project or company.

e lerning software development


When a company needs a reliable worker to perform tasks but doesn't demand a particular skill.

Elearning app development


When your company demands a skilled worker, but the level of skill doesn't matter.

communication skills


When there is a need for a highly-skilled worker to deal with the complexities and advanced functionalities of the project.

When is the Right Time to Hire Staff Augmentation Services?

While choosing the staff augmentation company, you must be aware of the exact need of the project. Here are some situations that make it clear, when it is the most suitable time for your company to choose the right staff augmentation services.

  • When there is a need to scale up your team with talented specialists
  • When there is a need for a tech expert to handle any critical task
  • When your project is challenging and has no boundaries
  • When the project’s requirements are changing constantly
  • When you need to carry out your project in a time/cost-effective way
  • When a tech expert is not available in your local area

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Why Companies are Choosing Staff Augmentation Services ?

Increase in efficiency, improvement in technologies expertise, and help in reducing the operational cost. These are some of the lucrative benefits that enforce the companies to adopt the IT Staff Augmentation Services.


A major effect is observed in operational and business efficiency.


Low Investment

With low investment, there is a reduction in operational costs.



By hiring IT staff, the companies can level up their expertise.


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    Why Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: A Smart Choice

    When it comes to choosing the best company for the IT staff augmentation services, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. name comes on the top.

    digital transformation consulting

    Dedicated Teams

    A full-time dedicated team of full-stack developers with a specialization in their domains.

    enterprise digital transformation

    High Retention Rates

    Our developers love what they do which makes them capable to stick to their work.

    digital transformation services

    Scalable Opportunities

    We offer the opportunities to scale up and down the team as per the project's needs.

    enterprise digital transformation

    Affordable Hiring Cost

    We have fixed the hiring cost according to the demand of the project and industry.

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    Your FAQ's

    We believe that a vision can be pursued and accomplished when everyone achieves their goals driving religiously through the laid core values of the organization.

    What includes in Managed IT Services?

    An expert managed IT service provider assists you to attain what your company actually needs. At Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we offer ample managed IT services including business IT support services, IT consulting support, network support, cybersecurity, IT outsourcing, IT staffing, disaster recovery, etc.

    How big is the managed IT service providers(MSP) market?

    Currently, the market of managed IT service providers has reached USD 200 billion and it is expected to hit USD 350 billion by 2023.

    Why do you need a managed IT service provider?

    By hiring an expert managed IT service provider, it will assist you in saving your money as well as infrastructure cost by offering high-level IT support services. Paying a fixed monthly fee to the managed IT service providers is much more effective than bearing the heavy costs of the disaster impairments. Hire Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for the best managed IT services.

    What is the difference between shared and managed IT services?

    There are two types of business models: one is shared services and another is managed IT services. Shared Services Model allows the resources to be used within an organization, offers both services for the corporate functions and to operate business units. On the other hand, Managed It Services Models is also known by the name of a fully outsourced business model that covers all the IT functions outsourced by a different organization.

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