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    Django vs Frappe Framework : Best Python Web Framework

    best Python web framework

    doctype model in the

    Finding it difficult to choose the best python web framework? If this is so, then we have got you covered. 

    Both are sound to use in their respects, but if one wants to choose one out of two, it is crucial to learn about both frameworks in depth to figure out which one might be best for you and your business. 

    Here are some of the crucial things to figure out about both frameworks, which will help you decide which one to opt for. 

    What Is A Frappe Framework ?

    It is a kind of web framework written in python development and javascript with batteries included. The framework is generic, and you can use it for building database-driven applications. 

    Features of Frappe Framework 

    Here are some of its features to help you distinguish between the django vs frappe framework. Let’s have a look. 

    1. Metadata driven 

    With the help of metadata-driven, you can generate database tables, design forms, and many other features. You can store the metadata in the doctype model in the frappe framework

    2. Rich admin interface 

    Besides managing the backend, it also contains the desk. Once you create the doctype in Frappe, automatic views are generated, which is a rich admin interface. 

    3. Python and JS

    For backend purposes, the Frappe framework uses python. It has a powerful ORM but is simple. The front end makes use of Javascript. 

    4. Transactions 

    With this Framework, you can carry on multiple transactions such as sales invoices, payment entries, purchase invoices, journal entries, etc. 

    5. Doctype features 

    Frappe Framework allows you to create multiple docs in the app but with minimum fields. 

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    Reasons to choose the Frappe framework.

    The sole purpose of this framework was to build our flagship product. The code has to be written as little as possible, and it is because configuration over code is given much preference. For instance, we put it into the frappe framework if we found some generic feature.

    Here are some popular reasons why you should opt for Frappe Framework.

    Batteries included 

    The foremost reason for choosing Frappe Framework is because batteries are included in it. You can get PDFs, emails, SMS, payment getaways, web pages, and many more included in Frappe Framework.

    Simple deployment 

    Wondering about how the management takes place in the Frappe framework? It is all due to the tool named bench. A bench is an all-in-one tool used to manage numerous things in the Frappe framework.

    Application development 

    It does not take much time to be productive in the frappe framework once you have set your system. The frappe framework handles all, whether wiring controller mode, creating models, or updating views.

    Extensive architecture 

    Another reason for choosing the frappe framework is its extensive architecture. Now you can build powerful extensions by creating your apps. It is up to the apps to develop their models or make certain modifications to the existing ones.


    The following best framework is Django. It is the best python web framework that follows a specific architecture pattern. Its primary purpose is to simplify the complex database-driven websites and ease things for people.

    Here are some core focus areas of this framework for your knowledge:

    ✔ Less code

    ✔ Less coupling

    ✔ Rapid development

    ✔ Reusability and pluggability of components

    Features of Django 

    Let’s have a closer look at some of the features of this framework to decide which one to choose and which to leave ultimately.

    Bundled applications

    Several different applications are bundled under the Django framework, including google sitemaps tools, a framework for GIS applications, RSS and atom syndicating tools, an administrative interface, and an authentication system.

    Server arrangements

    You can use this framework in conjunction with Apache, Gunicorn, Cherokee, etc. Django framework also can launch the FastCGI server, which supports Hiawatha and Lighttpd. If willing, you can also use other web servers. Besides this, it supports five database backends which are:

    ✔ MySQL

    ✔ SQLite

    ✔ Oracle

    ✔ PostgreSQL


    The Django framework includes a range of diverse frameworks. Here’s an insight into its core framework components:

    ✔ Built-in unit test framework

    ✔ Extends the capabilities of the template engine

    ✔ A caching framework standalone webserver


    Django framework is comparatively faster than the Frappe framework as it was designed to assist the developers in taking applications from concept to completion as accurately as can.


    The developers in this Framework are less likely to commit mistakes and are more concerned about security issues than in any other framework.

    Top reasons to choose Django Framework 

    There are numerous reasons to choose Django over the Frappe framework. The design of the Django has been done in such a way that boosts the developers to develop websites with realistic scenarios.

    Without any doubt, Django is one of the best python frameworks to consider if you are planning to build a customizable app. Its main strength is its interaction between users and diverse kinds of media. Here are some of the top reasons why Django is best over the Frappe Framework.

    Includes batteries 

    The foremost reason for choosing Django as your framework is because it comes with batteries which are of utmost importance to build routing, authentication, URL, and others.


    Due to the MVC design pattern, the entities such as the database, back end, and front end are known as individual entities. There is also a provision for separating the code from the static pictures used to make up your site.

    Huge support 

    The vast support which the Django framework allows has also made it the most popular choice for people. The international community of developers works towards releasing their packages as open source.


    Because of its simple flow structure and easy syntax, python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. You can embed it in multiple devices and desktop applications.


    Usually, there is a risk to these frameworks, whether they are actively developed or not. But with Django Framework, there is no such risk as the framework is fully sustainable. All thanks to its better versions, active community, and consistent releases.


    Another reason why people choose Django over other frameworks is its documentation. Its developers ensured that all the documents were available and tutorials were easy to understand right from the beginning.

    Is Django the best python web framework ?

    No doubt, that Django is one of the best python web framework and you can get fair idea about it’s popularity by focusing on some of it’s features. If we use the number of sites using the Django framework and the people supporting it, then it will not be wrong to say that it is a best framework.

    Some of the highly reputed and renowned sites using the Django Framework include Instagram, Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and the list.

    Which is the best python web framework? 

    The confusion in people’s minds is which one to choose out of two. As such, both are the Best python frameworks in their terms. Still, it depends on the usage and features which one might suit your purpose. Keeping in mind the features mentioned above and its popularity, Django is emerging as the winner and is often compared with multiple frameworks from time to time.

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