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    Truck Dispatch
    Software Development Solutions

    Leverage the ongoing need and popularity of logistics business with our Logistics App Development Solution. Lift up your shipping business to the next level with our on-demand trucking dispatch Software sloutions. 

    • Seamless GeoLocation/Routing
    • Online Fare Estimation
    • Trip Log Reports
    • Track Fuel Consumption
    Trucking dispatch software

    Why On-Demand Trucking Dispatch Software Development Solutions?

    Managing a fleet of trucks is not something that cannot be done efficiently if there is no automation in the entire process. The traditional way of trucking management is not sufficient for most businesses that operate on a large scale. A Custom built truck dispatch software works as a solution to automate the entire task. With the help of Trucking management software, one can easily manage a large fleet of trucks, where they’re going, how far they have gone, which driver is free, which truck needs maintenance, and so on. All the necessary data for better management can be obtained by having truck dispatch software.

    How Businesses Are Taking Benefit From On-Demand Trucking Dispatch Software?

    One of the core concerns of logistic business is “the management of the fleet is tough“. Be is any vehicle, managing and keeping an eye on its operations is really hectic. The Logistics industry is facing idle time, wrong route turn, missed deliveries, low productivity rate, less growth, more customer complaints — All due to absence of Trucking dispatch Software.  Those who sensed that future lie with technology already taking benefits of Fleet Management software. They have eliminated countless number of trucking problems, previously unsorted due to technology gaps.

    Time Saving


    Time Saving
    Automated Task


    Automated Task
    Easy Management


    Easy Management
    Cost Reduction


    Cost Reduction
    Safe & Secure


    Safe & Secure
    User Friendly


    User Friendly

    Key Benefits of On-Demand Trucking Dispatch Software Development Solutions

    Measure and increase the effectiveness of trucking and logistic apps by exploring the futuristic benefits of our truck management software as showed by Several Researches, for your Trucking Business.


    24/7 HR Management

    White Label Trucking App Solution provided by TWS enables you to manage your Human resources in a more efficient and organized way.


    Better Decision Making

    Empower your Logistics business by utilizing the Data and stats in a more firm way to increase your decision making capability.


    Saves Time and effort

    Truck management software saves your business from puzzling into hardcopy documents. It saves your efforts as well as valuable time.


    Better Freight Management

    For better freight management, a trucking app is an inevitable thing. Minimize your shipping loss with better management of cargo.


    360 Remote Availability

    Truck Dispatch Software enables you to provide your service anywhere in the world, just with an internet connection.



    The use of custom trucking applications helps you to take right decisions related to your business before time.

    Technologies Used for Truck Dispatch Software Development

    We do use the latest trends and technologies to revolutionize transportation management software. This helps you to get a future-oriented, fully customizable, robust, and scalable freight management solution.


    AI Route Optimization

    Route optimization minimizes the time taken by drivers in delivering the freight to the owner, helps to find the perfect route to take for easy destination arrival.


    Dynamic Booking System

    It facilitates the customers to book trucking services by entering the custom price, delivery locations, and for any kind of cargo shipping.


    Machine Learning Chatbots

    Machine learning chatbots help the drivers to make better decisions while driving. Chatbots keep them updated with the latest deliveries.


    Big Data

    Big data enhanced the trucking business growth by using the best filters to get the relevant data only. Big Data helps in better administration and decision making.

    Key Feature of Truck Dispatch software

    Truck Dispatch software development done by Tekki Web Solutions Inc., is full of robust and necessary features. They are positively stuffed with all the future-oriented technologies that are necessary for better Trucking Management. 

    Take your Truck Dispatch Business to another level

    We'll help you turn disordered processes into effective ones.

    On Demand Truck Dispatch Software Development for Logistics Business

    We lay down the foundation of Truck Dispatch Software Development on our 10+ years of experience and expertise. Our expert developers are every time prone to deliver more than promised — with next-level features and flawless work.


    Logistics Startups & Aggregators

    A well made and perfect logistics app development for the startups and aggregator to manage the logistics business seamlessly.


    Trucking & Freight Business

    Increase your business efficiency, productivity and acquire an abundance of customers with specially business booming truck dispatch software.


    Packers & Movers

    Shift to latest the trend of packers and movers by utilizing the logistics dispatch software to get better in hand control of your business.

    Our Truck Dispatch Software Development Solution Overview

    At TWS, we put our sweat, experience, hard work, and effort to make a white label on-demand Logistics App Development Software that takes your business to the next level of success.

    On-Demand Trucking Dispatch Software

    Truck dispatch Software for the business admins to manage and control the activities of drivers and customers.


    An easy to understand and customized dashboard to check every single report on your screen.

    Manage Drivers

    Our truck management software facilitates you to supervise and manage your drivers effortlessly.

    Manage Trucks

    Locate and manage your shipping trucks efficiently with every important data at your fingertips.

    Driver panel of employee transportation app

    Driver-partners can receive and accept ride requests directly from the customers or manual dispatchers.

    Shipping Request

    Let your driver accept or reject the shipping request with one click.

    Built-in Navigation

    Built-in navigation helps in delivering the cargo to the owner in no time, with accurate route mapping.

    Proof of Delivery

    After making a successful delivery, the driver can easily upload the delivery document on the app directly.


    We empower you as the business supervisor to view and control all trucking and logistics operations.

    Easy Onboarding

    Customers can easily login or register on your custom truck dispatch software, hardly in minutes.

    Estimated Fare

    It Shows the shipper an estimated fare when they are ordering a shipment to your courier company.

    Track Shipment

    Your customers can easily track their shipment with a built real-time location tracking feature.

    TWS’s Truck Dispatch Software Development Process

    As an offshore software development company, we believe in the agile methodology of application development, which means your trucking dispatch software goes through several stages of testing and implementation to get the perfect, flawless output.

    Property Management Software

    Introduce Uniqueness to Your Logistics Business With Truck Dispatch Software

    We'll help you turn disordered processes into effective ones.

    Our Truck Dispatch App Development: Step-By-Step Workflow

    TWS ensures that you get the perfect outcome with trucking and logistic app development, To harness this, we make apps based on customer psychology. Look at our workflow to learn how the Truck dispatch app works for your esteemed clients.


    Why choose Tekki Web Solutions For Truck Dispatch App?

    A feature-packed On-Demand Trucking App Development Solutions to run your business more smoothly and efficiently. Explore the new front of the logistics business with more convenience and ease.

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    White Label & Customizable

    TWS offers customized Trucking and logistic app development, specially tailored to fulfill your business needs.

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    Budget-Friendly Solution

    Our custom truck dispatch app development solutions are always aspiring and pocket friendly.

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Understand your business better with a well-organized analytics and reporting dashboard.

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    Third-Party Integrations

    We can also integrate third-party features and functionalities if asked by the client.

    payment history

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Make your customers comfortable in paying with more than just one payment method.

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    Real-time Notifications

    Act faster with real-time notification and popups, that reminds you to do specific tasks.

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      Your FAQ’s

      We believe that a vision can be pursued and accomplished when everyone achieves their goals driving
      religiously through the laid core values of the organization.

      Is it a white label solution? What customization options will you offer me?

      Yes, our truck dispatch software solution, Truck Pulse, is fully white label and branded for your business.

      We have shipper, driver, admin applications that are designed to publicize your brand. The best thing about the solution is the level of customization we offer. Our truck app developers team is capable to integrate more features and enhancements as per your business needs.

      What monetization strategies can I use to get more from the trucking app?

      The most obvious way to get additional benefits from trucking apps is to get more exposure to the buyer market. By providing the solution to their problems, users are gonna simply pay you for every shipping, including tip. You can also display ads to your Truck Dispatch Software.

      How logistics and transportation companies benefit from a truck dispatch software?

      Having a Truck Dispatch Software for their business helps the business owners for the smooth management of the shipping orders and dispatching, etc. What’s more, it also enhances the sales and revenue of your Business.

      How much does it cost to get a Trucking app development?

      Every business has different requirements and demands. So, the ultimate cost can be told only after a discussion over the project. Contact us to get the time and budget estimations.

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      We're collaborating with some of the largest brands in the world, as well as with startups. We'd love to learn your needs.

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