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      Taxi Booking
      App Development Solutions

      Expand, automate, optimize and flourish your taxi business by adopting our best-in-class range of advanced Taxi booking App Development solutions catering to your diverse business needs.

      • Reliable Vehicle Tracking
      • View Trip Routes
      • Automatic Fare Calculation
      • Flexible Vehicle Options
      taxi booking app development

      Why Go for Taxi Booking App Development Solution?

      Taxi Booking Apps weren’t so popular a decade ago. It has become a big hit in the previous years when people raised their concerns about environmental protection and CO2 emission. But obviously, not all are concerned about CO2. Many look for their comfort too. Millennials are the only by whose virtue the demand for Taxi Booking App surged and gave birth to UBER, LYFT. BlaBla Cars, DiDi, Grab, Bolt Cabify, and Gojek etc.

      These are just a few names who are being recognized as giants of the Taxi Booking Industry. People preferring public yet convenient transportation systems will never fade away anyhow. At least, Research is pointing out the same. Apart from this, Taxi Booking is economical, effective, has no management concerns, and its on-demand availability is the reason why the public prefers taxi booking and companies looking to venture into the Taxi Booking Business.

      How Businesses Are Booming With Taxi Booking Development Solutions?

      Taxi Booking is a “growth opportunity” that no visionary entrepreneur wants to miss. The Data, Analytics, Market trends, and Public option –all favor the Taxi Booking System. Although Taxi Booking looks like a stuffed market. But there is a lot more opportunity in Taxi Booking Business than other. Especially, It’s relatively a new concept when compared to other markets, the growth is stunning, public preference is undeniably and there’s a lot of the portion left in the market to fill the gap.  This is the reason why the entrepreneur is looking to get Taxi Booking App Development solutions that can easily eliminate the public transport problems and gives a pleasing and convenient option.

      Cost Saving


      Cost Saving
      Environment Friendly


      Environment Friendly


      Convenient Transport


      Convenient Transport
      Time Saving


      Time Saving
      On Road Safety


      On Road Safety

      Take Your Taxi Business on boom

      We'll help you turn disordered processes into effective ones.

      How Taxi Booking App Development Solve Industry Challenges?

      On-demand Taxi app development provides real-time connectivity with which both the riders and drivers can check where they are in MAP and follow the route accordingly. Other benefits are:


      Real-time Tracking

      It helps the drivers to track the passenger's location. Similarly, a passenger can track the driver's location.


      Higher Visibility

      Taxi booking applications help entrepreneurs to win the customer's trust with optimum quality of services.


      Enhance Efficiency

      Taxi booking solutions allow you to boost business efficiency by controlling operations through applications.


      Ease in Booking

      Result-driven on-demand taxi booking apps offer the customers ease in taxi booking without any hassle.


      Around the Clock

      Customers can book a taxi even at odd times of day and night, just by finding the nearby taxi that operates.


      Intensify Productivity

      Taxi booking businesses can boost productivity in a real sense, as it has simplified the task of taxi drivers.

      Technologies Used for Taxi Booking App Development Solutions

      To deliver cutting-edge and innovative on-demand “Taxi Booking Digital Solutions” for the entrepreneurs to generate appealing opportunities for the Taxi Booking businesses.



      Location services and use of Geo-location technology is and ideal thing for taxi booking application in order to allow real-time tracking.


      Artificial Intelligence

      To activate the features of chatbots, real-time conversation, etc in taxi booking solutions to offer efficient customer services.


      SOS Assistant

      Riders can use the SOS assistant during a ride in case of any emergency. SOS assistant integration is generally done for better customer safety.

      Software Development Services

      Smart Fare

      The advanced technology is used to get the smart fare estimation by calculating the total traveling time and distance.

      What Makes Our Taxi Booking App a Unique Solution?

      Our unique and feature-enriched taxi booking applications enable businesses to scale up their business and leverage digital outreach. The out-of-the-box features assist businesses to enhance visibility and brand reputation.


      Social Media Login


      Multiple Stops


      Cab Selection


      Fare Calculator


      GPS Tracking


      Real-time Requests

      Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

      SOS Button

      Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

      Schedule Bookings

      Our Taxi Booking App Development Architecture

      Our high-level taxi booking application architecture illustrates the entire functionality of taxi booking throughout the application. Have a look at it:


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        On Demand Taxi App Development solutions for All

        We develop on-demand Taxi mobile applications for clients worldwide. Hiring and Booking cabs online is no longer a passing trend of the Automobile Industry but a way of life for the next generation consumers of the internet.


        Taxi Startups and Businesses

        For the taxi startups and businesses to gain new heights by integrating the taxi booking solutions.


        Taxi and Fleet Businesses

        To manage the complex operations of the taxi and fleet business and offer efficient customer services.


        Individual Taxi Drivers

        For the individual taxi drivers to get the taxi booking request from the customers and deliver the services on time.

        Our Taxi Booking App Development Solutions Overview

        A comprehensive Taxi App Solution loaded with the latest Taxi Development Ideas that cater to all requirements of the stakeholders involved. You will get

        Looking for Hiring a Dedicated Developers?

        If you have an taxi app idea share it with our developers. We developed customized taxi booking app like uber with rich features.

        Our Taxi Booking App Development: Step-By-Step Workflow

        Online taxi booking application contributes a lot to managing the operations of taxi booking companies. Have a look at a smooth workflow of taxi booking digital solutions:


        TWS’s Taxi Booking App Development Process

        The team at Tekki Web Solution Pvt. Ltd. ensures an agile software development approach helps us to deliver satisfying and budget-focused Software Development Services to clients in a focused time.

        Property Management Software

        Reality Check: High Revenue Rates and Huge Conversions with Taxi Booking App

        The effective integration of on-demand taxi-hailing app development generates higher revenue and business opportunities for the taxi booking startups and businesses.

        Higher Revenue
        Higher Revenue

        In the last quarter of the year, the Uber application has gained revenue of over USD 14 billion with taxi booking.

        Active Taxi Riders
        Active Taxi Riders

        According to research, there are 75 million active taxi riders in almost 80 countries who are using online taxi booking apps.

        Booming Taxi Booking Market
        Booming Taxi Booking Market

        The taxi booking market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 16.5 by 2025.

        Why choose Tekki Web Solutions for Taxi Booking App Development?

        An end-to-end encrypted Taxi Booking App Development Solution for companies and Taxi startups with some key advantages.

        Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

        White Label & Customizable

        Fully white label taxi app with business logo & branding, custom integration options.

        pre-built solution

        Pre-Built Solution

        A ready-to-install base taxi-hailing solution for quick marketing, time & cost-savvy.


        On-Premise Deployment

        Private server deployment to provide full control over the valuable user-generated data.


        Global Solution

        Multi-language and multi-currency support, globally satisfied customers.

        Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

        Accept Payments Anywhere

        Multiple payment gateways and regular updates to stay up to date with business requirements.

        Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

        Robust and Scalable

        Robust technology support, 50000 rides/day in base solution with the option to upgrade capacity.

        Explore New Horizons with us

        Let’s work on your project idea together. Just fill out this form to connect with us.

        Enterprise Solutions Provider

        Let us show you how we can help you with:

        Digital Transformation Expertise

        We hold the mastery over reshaping your business with science-led end-to-end Solutions and Digital Transformation.

        Top Software Product Development Services

        An idea that is not justified with utmost quality cannot exceed the client’s expectations. We are prone to deliver the highest quality, future-oriented and excellent solutions.

        World-class Quality Assurance Services

        We are proud of our quality assurance and testing services. The world’s leading organizations trust us for exceptional quality and service.

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          Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

          Your FAQ’s

          We believe that a vision can be pursued and accomplished when everyone achieves their goals driving
          religiously through the laid core values of the organization.

          Which platform is best for taxi booking app development?

          At Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we offer the services of taxi booking app development for all types of platforms. Besides this, it also depends on the type of business and its customers. Our software developers team provides development services for android, iOS, desktop, web applications, etc. Hire us now for custom software development.

          Why should make your taxi booking business online?

          During the pandemic era, an immense number of taxi booking businesses have adopted custom mobile applications which help them to gain more revenue and profits. These days, every user wants the online taxi booking application on their mobiles to book taxi for commuting. For a competitive edge in the market, you must make your taxi booking business online.

          What is the prediction of global taxi app market size?

          The USA has the biggest contributor to mobility solutions and has invested $15.8 billion followed by China with $13 billion in 2020. It is expected to reach $26 billion in the year 2021. This means it is the right time to invest in the online taxi booking application to gain more customers in the market.

          How does a taxi booking app work?

          Once the user logged in to the applications, the passenger can request a ride on the passenger application. The driver at the nearby location will get a notification of the ride request for approval. Once the request is accepted by the taxi driver, the passenger can track the driver’s location and the same for the passengers. After the ride is complete, the payment will be deducted from the passenger’s wallet.