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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below you can find the list of Frequently Asked Questions about Tekki Web Solutions. If you have any related query please scroll below, and if you looking for something else than you may contact as soon as possible.

How much does a website cost?

A cost summary shall be developed as an estimate of the costs associated with the proposed solution. These costs are a fixed price. Based on acceptance of this proposal, our team will work with you to develop a detailed list of requirements, develop your tailored solution, and provide a more focused and applicable cost estimate.

How long does it takes to design and build a website?

Our standard website is takes approximately 90 to 120 days to create error free website. Our e-commerce website takes approximately 160 days to deliver to the client. This time frame is also depending upon project requirements and technologies used to develop a website.

What’s your pricing model?

Pricing model can be vary or depending upon website requirements. It is also depend upon list of pages has been created in website. E-commerce websites have millions of product pages which are dynamically generated. Our basic business website development cost starts from $3000 to $5000.
Note: Domains and website hosting is included in all of our website development packages.

What is your core expertise and industry experience?

TWS is a team of 25 professionals each with expertise in their individual platforms like WordPress, PHP, Laravel, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, and so on. We have worked in a broad range of industries including Banking, Finance, Ecommerce, Insurance, Entertainment, Travel, HealthCare, Advertising, New agencies, Transport, Real Estate, Government, and Public Sector Industries.

What technologies does TWS works with?

We are offering IOT based infrastructure and cloud computing solutions for design and deploy applications. We use Adobe Creative Suite for Web and Graphic Design. In addition, we also use in house developed software’s that helps to meet the web design and coding standards.

We at TWS is a specialized in Apple watch App, IOS, and IPad Application development. We create awesome wearable devices apps and mobile applications for IOS platform.

What is your project development methodology?

TWS is a most trusted web design and mobile app development company. We follow highly collaborative designing process that allows clients to understand each and every measure taken for project development. Our project development methodology as follow:
1. Concept Discussion and Design Strategy
2. Requirement Analysis
3. System Architecture Development
4. Roadmap

What is the Quality Control Methodology which you have in place?

While making new website, the methodology of checking quality is often not focused. That is the reason companies are unable to handover bug free website or mobile apps to their clients. This is the very important stage of development process especially when building e-commerce website that consists of millions of pages. When planning a website or updating existing website, it is the most common problem arise that missing content in pages, missing images, and documents.

E-commerce companies have team of editors to update website content, images, and videos. So, there is inconsistency in checking cross pages use of same content.

We at TWS is team of expert professional website and software tester whose only work for testing websites and applications to make a bug free report before delivery of the project. We use agile methodology that is one of the cost effective method to develop any web project with an accurate product requirement.

How do we communicate the project development team?

Communication is playing vital role in web development. When you assign your project to TWS team one of the project manager will be assigned to you for understand the needs of your project. Our development team works closely with the client to understand their project requirements.

I am not a techie. Will I still be able to work?

Yes, you don’t have to be techie to work with technical team. Our technical team is expert to handle projects in all categories. You just have to share your ideas and goals with our team to building your web project.

Do you work according to client’s time zone?

We do work with our clients according to the client’s time zone. We have dedicated team of developers and designers who work closely with the clients to develop their project.

What about secrecy of my Idea?

We do sign work for hire agreement, independent contractor agreement, or even contract for mobile application development projects. If you are hiring full time or part time developer for your project, you always want to be the owner of your project in order to use of your application source or design. We sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before starting project. That’s how your project information will be confidential with us.

Do you provide web hosting as well?

Yes, we can help you regarding server choice according to your business. The inexpensive web hosting plans are available on most popular hosting companies like ‘HostGator’ and ‘Godaddy’. We can setup hosting account for your business. If you don’t want to manage your own hosting account then we provide dedicated hosting services at affordable price. We provide free hosting and maintenance for your website and mobile apps for one year that will never cost in your project plan.

Can I select my preferred developer? If yes, how do I do so?

Yes, you can select your preferred developer from our dedicated team. But before hiring you must have understanding about your project and technologies that are used for the project. You can choose best in class technologies that we have been worked for the web development and mobile apps. Our core competencies in project development that is PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Custom Framework Development, IOS swift SDK, and Android App Studio for mobile apps.

Will my website work on mobile devices?

We create website and mobile apps that are compatible with all major browsers and operating systems. We test all of our websites on bothPC’s and Macs and all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. We will help in troubleshoot any issues that might arise due to particular configuration of device.

Our team is always staying ahead in adapting new technologies and implement strategies according to the business requirements.

I have a technical team at my end. Can you work in conjunction with them?

Yes, we do work with client side technical team. Nowadays it is a growing trend to hire in-house technical team in organizations and other companies that are not aware about technologies. This is the only way that we can do better for our clients if they have their own technical team because sometimes issues can be resolved in much easier way with the help of technical team.

Do you develop mobile app for all platforms?

Yes, we develop mobile apps for all platforms that include Apple IOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Mobile apps are supported to all platforms because developing structure of mobile apps for individual platform is quite hierarchy and time consuming process. That’s why we use cross platform application development platform so that single apps can be compatible with multiple devices.

What is the difference between Native App and Web Based App?

Native app and web based app both are totally different from each other. Native apps are coded into typical programming languages like Swift, C, and C++ which are installed through Play store and App Store. Web apps are coded into HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which are browser based applications which require browsers and internet connectivity for run.

Do you also do marketing of Mobile apps?

Yes, we do marketing for mobile apps using AdMob platform powered by Google.

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