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    8 Things You Must Check Before Getting a Fleet Management Software

    Fleet management software

    Have you ever thought about how big giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba are managing millions of deliveries every day with so much accuracy and efficiency?  Let us unveil the secret behind this. Well, It’s fleet management software that facilitates big giants in managing their day-to-day fleet operations.  Fleet management is no easy task when there are hundreds of other jobs waiting on your to-do list. Managing your logistics business in traditional ways becomes more challenging with the ongoing growth. The more driver and vehicles you hire, the more you puzzle with the data.

    Fleet management software lets logistics businesses manage their cargo delivery in the most efficient manager. But hold on, as there is no shortage of fleet management software with too many jaw-dropping claims to lure customers. You may easily get confused with so many options and end up buying the one that doesn’t fit your needs.

    Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd has made a comprehensive guide on buying fleet management software so that you can make an educated decision.

    Fleet management is a way to manage the large groups of vehicles, being used to deliver the shipments to different places. Fleet management lets you keep an eye on all the day to day operation of cargo delivery. One can easily check what’s going on with their work vehicle, with real-time locations, route, timing, and tons of other data necessary for the business to survive.

    Current and Future Fleet Management Trends

    Logistics is a rapidly growing business with huge future potential. It can be clearly understood by checking the latest report of researchandmarkets that indicates a record CAGR  growth of approx 12% during the period 2019-2025. It is also predictable that the Global Smart Fleet Management Market will reach a capitalization of USD $710.9 billion by the year 2030.

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    What is the use of custom fleet management software?

    Fleet management software can drastically enhance the ROI and efficiency of your business. It can be perfectly used to monitor your fleet and logistics to perform better.

    Why do you need Fleet management software?

    Fleet management software lowers the business cost, inventory cost, and freight changes, by improving productivity at work.

    Important Factors To Consider While Getting Fleet Management Software

    Getting fleet management software takes lots of research if you really want to do it right. Without thorough research about your needs and requirements and matching them to your chosen software, you’ll always get under-expected results.

    GPS Based Route Tracking

    Global positioning system (GPS ) is the most important feature in any fleet management software. It lets the fleet manager check the current location of their vehicle and deliveries, and how far they have gone. GPS is also used to get estimated delivery time. This is the reason why most fleet managers prefer software that offers the Best Fleet GPS Tracking System. It also facilitates the businesses to get the info about the nearest available driver in order to assign a new task.

    Driving Behaviour Analysis

    Road accidents are a common concern of logistics businesses. To reduce the mishappenings as well as freight costs, driving behavior analysis is important. With an efficient driving behavior analysis in fleet tracking software, one can be saved from road accidents. Best Fleet Tracking Software can easily track acceleration, harsh braking, speed, and over idling by the drivers and can instantly warn them about the misfortunes. By correcting the driving behavior, not only the road accident ratio can be lowered but also fuel cost and vehicle breakdowns can be controlled.

    Fuel Management

    Data is crucial for every business. The future growth of the logistics industry also lies in the data acquired and analyzed properly. Hence, fleet managers often put the strongest focus on getting a system that provides detailed reporting of current ongoings. A well-structured dashboard not only lets you find the advantages and pitfalls of your business but most importantly, it helps you to make better decisions by adopting a future centric approach.

    Reporting and Filters

    Fuel management is necessary to increase the profitability of any logistic business. A perfect fleet Management Solution keeps a completed record of fuel consumption by the vehicles. This helps in figuring out the fuel cost, fuel misuse, and theft, in many cases. Many fleet Management Solution companies also include the feature of recommending important tips to drivers in order to reduce the fuel cost during the day.

    Scheduling of Vehicles

    Continue running machines need maintenance and safety checks throughout their life. The Best fleet Management Software also puts focus on scheduling maintenance of vehicles to reduce the cost and wear and tear of business. Vehicle maintenance seems– but cannot be taken lightly because not only it wastes your precious time but also it reduces customer satisfaction, increases late delivery rates, and in some cases, results in spilled cargo.

    Safety and Emergency Service

    Driver safety is the top priority of every fleet manager. In many cases where drivers are drunk, accidents are most likely to happen. But by using the fleet management software, accidents can be prevented in most cases by following the good driving pattern and road rules. Driver safety programs are a largely used method to prevent misfortune by enterprise fleet management. Driver safety programs warn drivers about the coming traffic by analyzing maps and offer numerous safety recommendations to the driver.


    Automation” lets the fleet operation be automated by programs. Automation ensures that data collected by the Fleet Management Software is up to date and real-time. This data helps in better and focused fleet management. With the help of automation, a variety of fleet management tasks such as vehicle notices, warranty recovery alerts, service, and renewal reminders drivers, next shipment, previous delivery, and customer info, can be managed easily that drastically increase the efficiency of the business.

    Better ROI

    A future centric, innovative mind keeps the ROI as the most looking factor. Someone who is going to invest in Feet Management Software must calculate the Return of investment with your newly purchased fleet management software. To manage the fleet, two types of fleet management software are largely used. One Custom Fleet Management Software from development companies and another is subscription-based fleet management software. In both cases, you will be able to manage your vehicle better. The key factor to determine the better is cost. Getting a Custom Fleet Management Software Solution is a one-time investment, whereas the latter needs to invest again and again.

    Your Takeaway

    Managing the fleet of vehicles is a serious and integral part of fleet management businesses. Fleet management software is made to save time and cost alongside providing the long time benefit and efficiency to the business. One should consider the above-listed feature to be available and functioning properly in any fleet management software. If you don’t find any fleet management software fulfilling your business needs. Consider getting a Custom Fleet Management Software, specially designed and made to serve your business.

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