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Top 10 Tips for Boost Up Your Success on Upwork

Success on Upwork

More and more people are acquiring a freelancing business. They want to have a successful business or startups by having freelancing projects. So, people are using several freelancing sites for taking projects like FiverrUpworkToptal, etc. And Upwork website is the most renowned website for freelancers. It is regarded that the person who is doing successful freelancing on Upwork is realistically doing the business. Before going deeper into the topic of success on Upwork, let’s first know – what is Upwork?


The success of Upwork relies on several factors like working hours, repeated clients, client feedback, reputation score, number of complete projects, etc. So, are you ready to bring your business to the next level by being successful in Upwork? Yeah, so, here are some of the fantastic tips to boost your Upwork Success.

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#Tip 1: Customize your profile

Your Upwork profile should be like a resume/CV. Please don’t make it like you are using any dating site; it means you have to upload a professional profile picture. And also add technical skills, so that the clients can hire you accordingly.

#Tip 2: Enhance visibility by doing SEO

It doesn’t mean if Upwork is not a search engine, then it can’t be optimized. I have seen my Upwork profiles who are getting jobs just because of the visibility. So, optimize the profile and add the actual that you have else you will get the projects on the topics that you never did in your life.

#Tip 3: Stick to the first page jobs

Yeah, this is true for everyone who is getting the jobs regularly on Upwork. It is advisable for you to always choose the role and skills that are recently posted because the clients stick to the job post for the time it is started to be visible to ensure the success on Upwork. So, there will be an opportunity for you to get the job during that period.

#Tip 4: Attractive cover letter

If you are thinking about creating a profile on Upwork and writing 2-4 sentences in your cover letter, and you will get the projects. Then, you are wrong here. Since the cover letter plays a vital role in your profile as it differentiates you from your competitors. It defines you, your skills, and how the client hires you. So, spend time creating a cover letter. Here is the sample for the Upwork cover letter:

tips for upwork

Points to be covered in the cover letter

  • Introduction
  • What you are good at
  • Tell me about your skills
  • Contact us details

#Tip 5: Communication is the Key to Success on Upwork

Communication is the initial step of any contract for the success on Upwork website. You need to have a conversation with the clients, whether it is a video or a video call. Keep the professional tone. Even if the employer is using a friendly tone like “mate” and “buddy.” Don’t delay any conversation. Since the employers are in a hurry to hire the developers, make sure to be available around the clock to reply to your client’s queries.

Is Upwork good for beginners?

Upwork is one of the reputed platforms for all the developers from beginners to the experts. It offers the job opportunity for the hourly to the fixed projects, large scale projects, etc.

Does Upwork give free connects?

Yes, Upwork provides 50 free connects per month. These features provide an opportunity for the Upwork beginners to apply for the job, but not to apply for a job in the Upwork marketplace.

When is the right time to bid on the Upwork job?

Actually, there is no right time to bid on the Upwork job. Just try to bid on the recently posted jobs as soon as possible. Because if the client is online, then there would be the chances that your offer would be accepted first over the other proposals.

#Tip 6: Don’t make a rush while accepting the contracts

Don’t rush while receiving the contracts, read them thoroughly, determine the client’s requirements, and match the required skills with your skills. If every need is fulfilled, only then send an offer to the clients.

#Tip 7: Don’t go for the free trials

There are people on Upwork that will ask for the free trial before hiring you in actual. If someone is asking you for the same, then just don’t. It might happen he/she will get her job done without actually hiring anyone. So, say no to free trials.

Do you want to hire us on Upwork?

With 99% of job success, we are a top-rated company on Upwork.

#Tip 8: Keep good relationships with the existing clients

Never end the relationships with your old or existing clients. They would help you grow your business as they can refer you to others or ask for different jobs again and again. So, they would help build a reputation to ensure success on Upwork.

#Tip 9: Connect or Explore the other freelancers’ profiles

You will not get better results until you get experience in real life. You can enhance your knowledge of the Upwork business by getting tips and tricks from other freelancer’s profiles. So, attend events, webinars, conferences, etc.

#Tip 10: Increase your Freelance rates and fees

Enhance the rates of your projects as per your experience, don’t stick to only one price. Change the freelance rates with time. You can also adjust the charges according to the projects that can vary from small to medium to large.

All in All

Although Upwork is an ideal platform for the freelancer, your business’s Success on Upwork entirely relies on you-how you customize it. I hope these tips would work amazingly for you. If you are looking for the upwork professionals for the web or mobile app development services, then contact the expert team of developers of company Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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