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    8 Best Open Source CMS for Your Business

    open source CMS

    Gone are the days when you need specific technical knowledge to create any website. You can now make the website using the CMS(Content Management System) without having a more profound experience. As we all know, having a good website can make or break your business. Although you can create it by yourself by using the open source CMS, choosing the wrong CMS for website development might hurt your website traffic. So, be cautious while selecting the best open source CMS for your business. Today, we will discuss all the content management systems and how they work, and the best open source CMS for 2021. Let’s begin with it:

    What is Content Management System(CMS)?

    A CMS is a software program that manages the content on your webpages. In fact, content management systems can do much more than just “managing the content on your website”. It allows you to create, edit, publish, manage, and maintain the whole website without knowing to code.

    According to statistics, from 2 billion websites on the internet, around 56% of websites are developed using the CMS.

    Let’s have a look at the different types of CMS:

    Open-Source CMS – License-free CMS with bundles of templates, plugins, and third-party apps.

    Proprietary CMS – Licensed CMS offers unique custom-fit tools.

    SaaS CMS – Licensed and License-free CMS that can be deployed on cloud and accessible from anywhere.

    Getting more deeper into the word of CMS, it is further categorized into two parts:

    Content Management Application(CMA)

    The part of the content management application in CMS plays the role of the frontend. CMA part allows the user to create and manage the website content using the different templates. It allows users to create content without any programming knowledge.

    Content Delivery Application (CDA)

    The part of the content delivery application acts as a backend portion of the website. It allows you to maintain the website’s functionality and make it accessible for your business website’s users.

    Need CMS for your business growth?

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    How do CMS works?

    To understand the content management system’s actual working, we will present the popular open-source CMS, WordPress example. WordPress is an open-source CMS used by marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to manage website content. The Open-Source CMS provides the following features:

    • Allows the page management to create, edit, publish and delete the web pages.
    • Offers the content repository facilitates content creation and updation separately.
    • Offers built-in word processors.
    • An ample number of themes and templates.
    • Offers SEO optimization tools.
    • Built-in Insights for traffic analysis.
    • Provides an Open API for app integration.

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    Best Open Source CMS for Your Business

    Choosing the right and best open source CMS for your business website plays an important role. You should consider some points while selecting the open source CMS for website development. Here, we will discuss some of the famous and reliable open source CMS useful for enterprise website development.


    best open-source CMS

    Joomla is one of the popular Open source CMS that provides users with numerous templates and extensions. Joomla CMS was initially released in 2005 by the Joomla community. Joomla is entirely free to use, works on a model-view-controller web application framework, and supports 60+ languages. Joomla CMS is written in PHP and operates on cross-platform platforms.

    Features of Joomla CMS

    • Joomla CMS is a popular software used for content management and content versioning.
    • Joomla is a perfect multilingual software, supports over 60 languages.
    • Joomla offers out-of-the-box SEO and SEF features.
    • Joomla is an ideal CMS for the development of blog websites, business websites, community websites.
    • Joomla is known for its accessible installation features.
    • Joomla CMS has an active community


    best open-source CMS

    Drupal is one of the top-three CMS, and web application frameworks are known for responsive website development. Drupal CMS is also written in PHP and was initially released in 2000. Although Drupal CMS is not easy to use, you can get help from its detailed documentation. Drupal is known among the CMS world for its out-of-the-box features and offers excellent customizations. Talking about Drupal’s efficiency, then it handles the world’s largest sites like

    Features of Drupal CMS

    • Drupal CMS is a highly extensible and multi-purpose CMS.
    • Drupal CMS offers a large number of modules for better website functionality.
    • Drupal CMS provides active community support and highly detailed documents.
    • Drupal CMS offers plenty of options for the flexibility of custom content types.
    • Drupal is ideal for the development of blogs, podcasts, polls, videos, and other websites.
    • The security and stability features of Drupal CMS make it unique among all other CMS.


    website development

    WordPress is a popular and reliable CMS used for blogging by 35% of internet users. WordPress was released in 2003, initially used by bloggers, now it is considered one of the powerful CMS for website development. WordPress is written in PHP, paired with MySQL and MongoDB databases. WordPress is highly flexible and free to use for any website, from an online store to membership sites. You needn’t have the technical skills to use build the website on WordPress.

    Features of WordPress

    • WordPress CMS comes with a vast number of plugins and theme repository.
    • WordPress is a user-friendly as well as developer-friendly CMS.
    • WordPress Plugin named All-in-One-SEO pack, is considered as the best plugin.
    • WordPress CMS offers multiple page styles and plenty of widgets.
    • WordPress CMS has a vast and supportive community around the world.
    • WordPress CMS is a highly extensible CMS beneficial for both beginners and developers.

    Ruby on Rails

    best open-source CMS

    Ruby on Rails was first released in 2004. Ruby on Rails written in Ruby under the MIT License. Ruby on Rails CMS is a model-view-controller web application framework. Ruby on Rails CMS is quite easy to use and provides a faster development speed. It offers highly detailed documents that help you to build the website faster and more reliable.

    Features of Ruby on Rails

    • Ruby on Rails CMS is an ideal CMS for websites with heavy traffic.
    • Ruby on Rails CMS helps the developers to spend less time on website development.
    • Ruby on Rails CMS provides an ample of plugins and templates.
    • Ruby on Rails CMS is best for rapid application development.
    • Ruby on Rails CMS has excellent and detailed documentation that helps you to make the website development better.


    best open-source CMS

    osCommerce is also known by the name of open source Commerce. osCommerce is also one of the open-source CMS used for the development of eCommerce and online store management. osCommerce CMS is written in PHP and was released in 2017 by the developer, Harald Ponce de Leon. osCommerce is Licensed under GNU. osCommerce is an entirely free and open source CMS for eCommerce website development.

    Features of osCommerce

    • osCommerce CMS is a free and open source CMS.
    • osCommerce CMS is ideal for the development of online eCommerce stores and websites.
    • osCommerce CMS is user-friendly as well as developer-friendly CMS.
    • osCommerce CMS is easy to integrate on any website or web server using MySQL and PHP.


    best open-source CMS

    Shopify is regarded as the best open source all-in-one hosted CMS for retail website development. By having the Shopify CMS, you needn’t purchase any hosting, software installation, and manage things. Shopify CMS is very easy to use that provides the drag and drop interface for the development. The most attractive feature of Shopify CMS is in-store sales, which is beneficial for both the physical stores as well as for the online stores.

    Features of Shopify CMS

    • Shopify CMS offers a lot of extensions and themes for integrated payment solutions.
    • Shopify CMS allows third-party apps to provide more features in the online stores.
    • Shopify CMS is an ideal CMS for online stores and retails businesses.
    • Shopify CMS enables social media integration.
    • Shopify CMS has fantastic customer support services that are available around the clock for the users.
    • Shopify CMS also allows you to integrate your websites with the SaaS services.


    best open-source CMS

    If you are looking for eCommerce website development, then Magento CMS is the right one for you. Magento is one of the powerful open-source CMS that comes from the Adobe family. Magento CMS comes into two versions – one is a free self-hosted community version, and another is with premium services. The faster development speed, security, and scalability are the fascinating features that make the Magento CMS the best from its competitive list of CMS.

    Features of Magento CMS

    • Magento CMS is a perfect CMS for eCommerce online stores and website development.
    • Magento CMS is highly customizable and offers additional features with the help of third-party extensions.
    • Magento CMS right choice for a website that handles a large number of products and customers.
    • Magento CMS allows you to connect several payment gateways on your websites and online stores.
    • Magento CMS is a highly SEO-friendly CMS for website development.
    • Magento CMS provides more control over the business processes.

    Final Thoughts

    After reading the whole article, you now know how CMS selection affects the time and cost of website design. Any CMS you will choose should provide navigation, flexibility, and user-friendliness. Reports show that about 64% of the companies rely on content management systems. The selection of the right CMS entirely depends on the demand of your website and business. Thus, you can choose the CMS mentioned above for your business website development.

    If you still have any doubts about the CMS selection and want to get custom CMS development services. In that case, you can hire a web developer of the company, Tekki Web Solutions Inc. We will make you a dream come true of having the best website in the right open-source CMS (content management system).

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