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    6 Best Angularjs Development Tools for Developers

    angularjs development tools

    There is no surprise to say that Angularjs is the most preferred and favorite framework of the development and used for the development of web and mobile applications. No developer likes to code their applications in an old-school way. The selection of the right angularjs development tools helps the developers to achieve the project’s deadlines and client’s satisfaction. Mostly, developers choose the angularjs framework while creating dynamic web applications. Angularjs allows the developers to use HTML as a template language. Our today’s topic is based on Angularjs development tools, but before diving deeper into the world of the Angularjs development tools, let’s first know a little about Angularjs development and its usage.

    Angularjs Development Tools

    In this evolving world of technology, every startup and large enterprises want to have a robust framework to create web applications. For those, angularjs framework is the right one.

    What is Angularjs Framework?

    Angularjs frameworks are one of the popular frameworks from the JavaScript frameworks. It is primarily used for the front end development services. So, Angularjs is a JavaScript-based open-source web framework developed by the Google community and initially released in the year, 2010.

    As per the statistics of SimilarTech website, around 383,269 websites are built using the Angularjs development with having 192, 567 unique domains.

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    Some of the popular websites or brand that use the angularjs framework for web app development are:

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    Popular Angularjs Development Tools for Developers

    Angularjs development tools are used by web developers to reduce the burden of developing web applications. The use of angularjs development tools not only eases the development process but also helps the developers for faster deployment. Here are some of the best and popular angularjs development tools that are considered as best for the developers:

    Angularjs Development Tools (IDE)

    -Angular IDE

    AngularJS framework

    Angular IDE is one of the popular and considered as the best-integrated development environment(IDE) tool for beginners as well as for the angularjs experts. Angular IDE is built and developed by the CodeMix company. If you are a beginner in Angularjs development, then Angular IDE is the right development tool for you. The pricing of the Angular IDE starts at $5/user for 30 days and up to $48/user per year.

    Features of Angular IDE
    • Angular IDE allows the debugging, TypeScript 3x coding validation and Angular CLI Integration.
    • Angular IDE offers advanced coding of HTML template validation.
    • Angular IDE provides the option of auto-completing codes for faster and error-free projects.
    Pros of Angular IDE
    • Easy to use for beginners as well as for experts
    • Can be used with Eclipse plugin.
    Cons of Angular IDE
    • Paid Product – expensive for beginners

    -Sublime Text

    angularjs development tools

    Sublime Text is considered as one of the best and most widely angularjs development tools by angularjs developers. Sublime Text is a cross-platform source code editor tools with a Python application programming interface. Sublime Text offers better customization options, with several packages to make the angularjs development easy. Angularjs’s pricing plan starts at $65/user per year.

    Features of Sublime Text
    • Sublime Text provides the information by simply hovering over the symbol.
    • Sublime Text’s feature of multiple selections allows the developers to change lines or variables together.
    • Sublime Text’s CSS sorting feature offers the sorting properties options in alphabetical order.
    Pros of Sublime Text
    • Sublime Text offers full customizations to keep the platform lightweight.
    • Sublime Text allows easy file switching with a wide range of plugins for different applications.
    Cons of Sublime Text
    • Sublime Text is an open-source code editor or angularjs development tools.

    – WebStorm

    angularjs development tools

    Webstorm is one of the angularjs development tools known as the smart code editor that provides support for JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, and CSS. WebStorm IDE is an ideal code editor for modern technologies. Webstorm is the perfect example of the code editors blended with the modern features used for the coding and debugging process. Talking about the pricing plan of the WebStorm IDE, then it starts at $59 for the first year and reduces the rates in the future plans.

    Features of WebStorm
    • WebStorm IDE provides supports to the different JavaScript languages ranging from CSS, HTML to Node.js.
    • WebStorm is one-stop IDE with several features like debugging, testing, tracking, and profiling.
    • WebStorm helps to develop server-side web applications with Node.js.
    Pros of WebStorm IDE
    • WebStorm IDE can run ESLint, JSCS, TSLint, Stylelint, JSHint or JSLint.
    • WebStorm IDE provides fantastic customization features to match the coding styles.
    Cons of WebStorm IDE
    • WebStorm is not a free tool or open-source angularjs development tools.
    • WebStorm is incapable of opening multiple projects in a single stance.

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    Angularjs Debugging & Testing Tools

    –  Karma

    angularjs development tools

    Karma is one of the best angularjs development tools and developer’s favourite testing angularjs applications. Karma is known as the perfect testing environment used for testing the applications on real browsers and real devices such as phones and tablets. Karma is an open-source angular development tool.

    Features of Karma
    • Karma can work efficiently with all the browsers allows the angularjs applications testing.
    • Karma offers continuous integration and easy debugging of the angularjs applications.
    • Karma is easy to integrate with Travis, Jenkins, and Semaphore.
    Pros of Karma
    • Karma offers superior testing functions across different browsers.
    • Karma is an open-source platform for easy plugins.
    Cons of Karma
    • Karma requires the Node.js for installation
    • Karma provides slower testing as compared to other angularjs development tools.

    – Jasmine

    angularjs development tools

    Jasmine is a behaviour-driven testing framework considered as the best from the angularjs development tools. Jasmine testing tool is mostly used with the Karma tool. Jasmine testing tool is doesn’t rely on browsers and exclude external dependencies. Jasmine testing tool allows the angularjs developers to read, write and test the angularjs code easily. The Jasmine testing tool is an open-source testing tool and free to use.

    Features of Jasmine
    • Jasmine is an open-source testing tool that automatically detects the JS classes.
    • Jasmine testing tools are used for behaviour-driven development and designed for Node.js development.
    • Jasmine is free to use to run the applications from anywhere.
    Pros of Jasmine
    • Jasmine testing tool makes the angularjs development arsenal easy.
    • Jasmine provides better debugging and testing functionalities.
    Cons of Jasmine
    • Jasmine community is small and it provides less documentation for finding information about setting up the CSS.
    • Jasmine provides no support for Node.js testing and no plugin for eclipse.

    – Protractor

    angularjs development tools

    Protractor is an end-to-end test framework and open-source framework for developing Angularjs applications. Protractor is a combination of several technologies like Mocha, Cucumber, Selenium, and Jasmine. Protractor provides the testing of real browsers and tests like a user. Protractor tools are developed by Google. Protractor is free of cost angularjs testing tool.

    Features of Protractor
    • Protractor testing tools are developed on WebDriverJS and are an automation testing tool.
    • Protractor is an end to end testing tool interacts as a user only.
    • Protractor provides supports to multiple browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome.
    Pros of Protractor
    • Protractor tools are easy to set up and can be used for both the angular as well as non-angular apps.
    • Protractor supports both the real and headless browsers.
    Cons of Protractor
    • Protractor tool lacks in certain debugging features.
    • To use Protractor, the developer must have knowledge of APIs and other technical specifications.

    Angularjs Data Libraries

    • Angular Fire
    • Angular Commerce
    • Meteor

    UI Components for Angularjs

    • ag-Grid
    • Angular Material
    • ng-bootstrap
    • Semantic UI

    Cross-Platform Development Tools

    • Electron
    • NativeScript
    • ReactNative
    • Windows(UWP)

    Final Thoughts

    With the use of Angularjs development tools, it makes the process of web app development easier and allows the developers to build a wonderful web app for your business. If you are going to work on the Angularjs applications, then this list of the angularjs development tools helps you to develop the angularjs web development faster as well as easier. The use of such development tools saves the time and efforts of the angularjs developers.

    If you still need help in angularjs development, then hire angularjs developer of angularjs development company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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