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    What is Dropshipping and how to start With Dropshipping business?

    dropshipping business

    In this proliferating era, the dropshipping business model has played a vital role with drastic changes in the E-Commerce industry.

    The growth and development of AmazoneBayEtsyShopify, and other online marketplaces centers and platforms implies that anybody can begin an online store for as meager as $20.

    On the other hand, with the obstacle/barrier to entry being so low, DropShipping has detonated in fame over the previous decade, implying that numerous business sectors are extremely competitive.

    In the case, if you’re considering starting a DropShipping business – either as a side hustle or a way to quit your full-time job- you can spare yourself time and set yourself up for progress by following the simple steps which I will share with you ABOUT dropshipping business ideas.

    Before beginning with How Let’s discuss what is a Dropshipping business?

    Wikipedia said that DropShipping business is a Supply chan management method or process wherein the retailer doesn’t keep products/goods in stock however rather moves its client’s requests and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a distributor/wholesalers, who at that point send or ships the products directly to the Customers.
    In simple terms, Dropshipping business is an E-Commerce Business model where you can sell physical products without having to deal with stocks or inventory or event without having your own warehouses to store your products.

    How Dropshipping works: –

    In dropshipping business, The client submits a request for a product order on the retailer’s online store.

    The retailer will manually or automatically forward the order request and consumer details to the dropship suppliers.

    The dropship supplier packages and ships the product order straightforwardly to the consumer in the retailer’s name

    At the point when you run an online store that solitary offers dropshipped products/items, you don’t need to stress over inventory or stocks and you don’t need to take stress over product fulfillment. By following the necessary steps you may simply sell the items, take requests, and make a decent profit.

    There are numerous people around the world who are generating five-, six-, and seven-figure incomes from drop shipping and there’s no reason why you can not do the same.

    Here I would explain, how to start and make more money with a Dropshipping business by simply following the steps:

    Step 1: Build a Marketable Drop Shipping Business Concept:-

    Most Successful businesses are based on an idea/concept, and around that, you focus your brand, content, and product collection. For some startup and side-gig vendors, this idea becomes something they enjoy and are enthusiastic about. Others build up an idea dependent on sales trends that they reveal through product research and experimentation.

    Your initial step is coming up with an idea for your business. However, don’t let these steps hold you up. In a Dropshipping business—more so than other online sales models, indeed—you can continue with a fluffy concept of your business and brand. At that point brainstorm, test, and fine-tune your idea as you go. First, the most important factor to start with your Drop Shipping business concept is to choose Dropshipping Niche:

    Choosing the best Dropshipping Niche: –

    A niche is a segment of a market. For example, Men sunglasses are a popular niche in Men’s Clothing and Accessories. You could even say that shield sunglasses are a sub-niche of the sunglasses. You get the idea. The more explicit your niche is, the better.
    To start earning with the dropshipping business, choosing the best niche is the first most important step to consider. Due to cut-throat competition in the e-commerce industry, you have to be more focused and clear with your targeted audience or customers.

    Let’s discuss how to choose the best Niche in the dropshipping business?

    • Always follow your passion or Interest – Try to choose a Niche where you have unique knowledge of the Products.
    • Research the Competition and Trend in Dropshipping – Choose a Niche with Low to Medium competitiveness and always follow the trend of Dropshipping, you can use Google Trend Tool.
    • Make sure the selected Niche is Profitable – Choose a Niche with a profit margin of at least 30-40% after shipping cost, seller fees, and taxes.

    Step 2: Brainstorm Business Ideas: –

    Since you know the measures for a decent Dropshipping Niche for your dropshipping business, you can begin narrowing down product ideas for your eCommerce business.

    You should expect to brainstorm at least 10-20 product ideas and afterward utilize the rules or guidelines above to either qualify or eliminate them from your lists.

    When you’re finished with that procedure, you may just have a couple of product ideas that are considered viable. In case you have none, by then, you’ll need to start this procedure or strategy again.The more clear your niche is the better one.

    If you have at least one strong product idea at this stage, you’re prepared to progress to the next level. You can select your product range by following the E-Commerce trend. Just follow some tips and steps to discover brainstorm business Idea.


    Google Keyword Planner is a tool that empowers you to perceive what number of searches any given keywords receive every month. Despite the fact that this tool is for the most part utilized by SEOs and Google Adwords experts, the Google Keyword Planner tool is an extraordinary method to discover what your potential clients are scanning or searching for online. As of right now, the data you’re hoping to discover is what number of individuals are searching for given keywords every month and what the suggested bid is. These numbers will disclose to you how well known and beneficial that keyword is.


    Much the same as the Google Keyword Planner tool is an important method to comprehend what clients are looking for every month, Amazon can show you what they are purchasing. If consumers aren’t buying your Niche products from Amazon, all things considered, there isn’t interest or demand and it isn’t beneficial to seek after.

    While looking for “Travel backpacks,” this is the thing that surfaced:

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    You can see that when I have searched with keywords “travel backpacks” in the All category of Amazon then on the topmost page it has shown the Best Seller bags with USB Charging Port and Water Resistant feature. This tells us that the demand for this niche is overwhelmingly specific to these featured bags. So you can also focus on these categories as per the research.

    What we’ve discovered and learned from Amazon is that there is interest or demand in this Niche, and it has educated us on how we can focus on every niche much further.


    At last, you need knowledge of how your potential clients are drawing or engaging with your niche on the social media platforms. Pick whichever platform your potential clients are generally active on, however for this example, we’ve limited it down to Reddit, Facebook.


    Reddit is a truly outstanding and famous Social network to organize research on because it has bunches of enthusiastic groups of individuals sharing regular interests and hobbies. This can be a goldmine for you.

    The users of Reddit subscribe to specific categories known as “subreddits” which are essentially similar to the Niche market on a smaller scale. Search the subreddits to locate the one that is generally applicable and most relevant to your Niche. For our situation, we chose the “travel” subreddit for our travel backpacks. Utilizing these subreddits we’ll have the option to get a brief look into the functions of the Niche Market, what our potential customers talk about, how they talk about it, and what they’re keen on.


    Use Facebook to see whether your Niche as of now has a setup marketplace to discover brands and influencers that are engaging with individuals who can turn into your future customers.

    If you understand your niche, you’ll know exactly which brands and influencers to search for, however, in case you’re new to your Niche, you’ll need to do some looking. Search for brands that fit into your Niche and are effectively offering some benefit to their audience.

    Discover how they engage with their audience, what products would they say they are offering, what guarantees/promises do they offer their customers, are they focused on quality or cost and how do their fans react to them? This will give you pieces of information regarding what works and what doesn’t when you’re connecting with your niche audience.

    Popular brands & influencers for the “travel backpacks” niche we can use to manage research on niche activity and engagement: –

    • Herschel Supply Co: A travel & urban backpack & luggage brand with over 500,000 followers.
    • NomadList: A directory of the best cities to work & live for digital nomads with over 9,000 followers.
    • Location Rebel: An entrepreneur & travel influencer with over 8,000 followers.

    Step 3: Build your E-commerce website

    The quickest method to launch a website that supports a drop shipping business model is to use a simple e-commerce platform, for example, Shopify. You don’t need to bother with a tech foundation to get fully operational, and it has a lot of applications to help increment in sales.

    Regardless of whether you have sizable spending that would permit you to hire a website design and development organization to make a custom solution, it’s a lot smarter move to utilize one of the plug-and-play options, especially in the beginning. When you are set up and the income is coming in, at that point you can explore extra site customization options.

    Step 4: Explain What Products you want to Sell & select/create Relevant Pages:-

    Now your store is ready aesthetically, you’ll need something to sell! Today is the day to

    • Characterize the particular products you are going to sell
    • Make or create applicable pages for your store

    For what reason did we hold as of not long ago, days before dispatch, to make sense of which products to really sell on your store? Here’s the reason:

    • Numerous suppliers can set aside some effort to answer you, which makes it harder for you to set your accounts up immediately.
    • As you were setting up the visual parts of your store you will have had more opportunity to contemplate what products you needed to sell dependent on what your suppliers have available, and what fits into your brand story.

    Now you’ve set up an account with your supplier and have an idea of what fits into your brand story, it’s an ideal opportunity to put it up onto your website.

    These are a few rules to consider when choosing which products to sell in your store:

    • Pick a product that comprehends a client’s torment point: Solving a client’s issues is a rewarding business.
    • Select a high-quality Product: Quality over amount, for the most part, wins the long haul.
    • Choose a product with a decent margin: Remember you’ll most likely be paying to advance your products from the start, so consider while deciding your net revenues and margins. Focus on at least 30% gross profit on drop shipped products, if you can.
    • Pick those products that are reasonable to sell online: Remember that your client’s senses are restricted when they’re shopping online, so a few items are not reasonable. Especially expensive, huge, or overwhelming items ordinarily require a claim to customer service or shipping services, so possibly offer those items if you can dependably offer those services.


    At the point when you will be finished with your product pages, remember to create these 7 pages, too! it can be easy to forget these pages because they’re normally not the priority, but they’re probably the most important and visited pages for your clients.

    • About Us” Page: We’ve mentioned this previously, however, this is one of the most visited pages on any given website and is your chance to completely communicate your brand story so utilize this opportunity to dig deep into your brand.
    • “FAQ” Page: Your customers will have questions, so to keep them from reaching you with similar inquiries, again and again, answer it once on the FAQ page and you’ll have fewer customer requests to respond to.
    • “Contact Us” Page: Providing quality customer support should be critical or important to your business, so let your customers realize how to get in touch with you. Regardless of whether it be by email, telephone, or visit support, let them realize how to contact you and respond to them within 24 hours.
    • “Privacy Policy” & “TOS” Page: It’s legally required to have a privacy policy and a terms of services page on your site, in addition to its valuable data to have for both you and your customer’s reference. On the off chance that you don’t approach a legal advisor or lawyer to draw these up for you, you can utilize an online generator to make one.

    ○ Privacy Policy Generator

    ○ Terms of Service Generator

    • “Refunds & Returns” Page: It’s important for your customers to know how to get discounts and return the items they buy from you, so let them know how, when, inside what time span, and where to send the products back to.

          ○ Return and Refund Policy Generator

    • “Shipping” Page: Let your customers know exactly what’s in store from you so there’s no confusion, and no disappointed customers, en route. Regardless of whether you don’t have the most refined delivery or shipping service, let your customer knows to what extent they can hope to wait and the amount they can expect to pay.

    Step 5: Set Up the Rest & Launch!

    At long last, this time has come, you’re prepared to launch your store to people in general! You’ve invested so much energy and time until this point numerous other “wantrepreneurs” never do–you ought to be glad for yourself, you’ve made a move.

    Is your store perfect? Most likely not. It is safe to say that you will end up being a tycoon or become a millionaire in the short-term? Improbable. Be that as it may, will this side business help to create some extra pay?

    From here, you can take your store wherever you need: you can keep it as a little side gig, or you can scale it and keep on developing quite a long time after year.

    Now, you will figure out how to add the last contacts to your store (and brand), afterward experience the second you have been sitting tight for: the huge launch!

    Let’s get started by following these steps: –

    • LAUNCH IT!

    Step 6: Promote your store by Implementing a Customer Acquisition Strategy

    Now you have a selling stage for your dropshipping business, you have to attract customers to your store. This is the place a customer acquisition strategy comes in.

    Let’s have a look at some strategies to attract customers:

    • Start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service to make a presence in online business.
    • Implement the SMM (Social Media Marketing) planning including Facebook Paid Ads.
    • Setup Content Marketing including blog posting to aware the customer about your listed products.
    • Build a Network with Email Marketing.

    Conclusion: –

    Keep on updating your site, figure out how to make it increasingly wonderful. Daily work on your SEO and make all the more top-notch content. You’ll need to keep up a relationship with your supplier, watch the products you’re offering and look into including more. Remember to stay aware of your customer support and consistently be refining your promotions or ads.

    When you start there’s just a single approach, and that is forward. Very Good Luck!

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

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