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    Types of Apps that can be built with Angular Framework

    angular framework

    Undoubtedly, Angular development is almost everywhere after it was released in 2009. A few years back, Angular development services are on great boom. Angular is considered the best framework for developing web, single-page, and mobile applications. The Angular framework has impressive features; the developers and enterprise website owners pretty much like it. Even most of the developers shifted their technology to angular. Before knowing why angular mobile app development and what sort of applications can be developed using an angular framework, let’s first dive into the topic of what exactly Angular framework is?

    Why AngularJS?

    Angular is a JavaScript-based framework from the family of Google. The angular framework was developed by Google’s developers to create dynamic web applications. Angular is a full-fledged framework used for the frontend development of an application. Angular has a lot to give to your web and mobile application. Angular will not only create an impressive UI for your application but also provide features like high performance and user-friendly. As a feature-rich framework, Angular provides a vast number of features for web application developers. Here are the Angular framework features:

    • It supports MVC(Model-View-Controller) Architecture.
    • Angular comprises the two-way data binding.
    • You can use the templates to check the information of the model and controller layer.
    • Angular directives boost the functionality of the HTML elements with the addition of new functionality.
    • Angular helps to inject components, services, and dependencies at the right place without interrupting the app’s logic.

    Why Angular for Enterprise Applications?

    Frameworks act as a boon for the developers and entrepreneurs who want business web applications. So, why frameworks helpful for developers in developing enterprise applications? The Angular framework not only reduces the time-to-market but also allows them to focus on more productive tasks. If we consider enterprise applications’ demands, it needs the technology for development with key features like scalability, performance, and faster time-to-market. Angular development is the right option for enterprise applications with the out of box features like:

    • Angular framework involves component-driven architecture.
    • Angular framework supports cross-platform development.
    • Angular framework provides the tools for faster and scalable development.

    What type of apps can be developed with Angular Framework?

    Before selecting any technology for your enterprise application development, it is mandatory to know what type of application you want for your business and the relevant technology for the particular type of application development. Angular framework is a tool for developing the next-level projects since it opens up new opportunities, speeds up the development, and provides scalability. As usual, it always relies on the client’s needs and project specifications. Here are the applications that can be built using the Angular framework.

    Single Page Applications

    Single-Page applications are known by the name of SPAs. Single-page applications are one of the most popular solutions for website development because it provides a fantastic user experience to visitors compared to traditional multi-page applications. So, why is angular development the reliable option for building single-page applications? Because angular app development comes with data management and routing capabilities, making the development easier with high performance.

    Lack Angular Expertise and Resources?

    TWS offers the best and dedicated Angular Developers team with 10+ years of experience to help increase your development needs.

    Enterprise Web Applications

    Enterprise Web applications mean the applications for big organizations like corporations, government institutions, etc. And Angular framework is a reliable option for developing enterprise web apps. It has been a go-to framework for the big teams with features like scalable, components reusability, unified architecture, and high-security standards.

    Mobile Applications

    There is no doubt; Angular is the best option for mobile application development. Angular framework can be used to develop applications that can run on any device. You can combine Angular with NativeScript and Ionic to create hybrid applications. In Angular development services, the frontend code can be reused for web and mobile app development to develop and reduce development time.

    Progressive Web Applications

    PWA is a word commonly used for progressive web applications. These applications are regarded as the new era of mobile web applications.PWAs provide an app-like experience on web browsers. PWAs are known for faster loading and can be accessed offline. To speed up the PWA development process in Angular, just use the command,

    Interfaces with Beautiful Animations

    Animated UI is an excellent source of engagement for entrepreneurs and other applications. Websites and applications with beautiful animations can drive huge traffic, but it can make people hate your application if it is done wrong. Luckily, you will get a module with official libraries to create an excellent user interface for your business applications in an angular framework.

    Server-Side Rendered Applications

    Angular is the viable option for developing server-side rendering applications since it provides faster loading with a better user experience on mobile and low-powered devices. It also improves the site’s visibility on google’s search engine result pages(SERPs). Angular development is a useful pre-rendering solution, which makes the development of server-side rendered applications much easier.

    websites built with angular

    Thus, due to such amazing features and benefits of Angular development, the brand companies have adopted Angular to develop web and mobile applications. So, let’s have a look at these brand and most popular companies that use Angular development services:

    • Gmail
    • Forbes
    • PayPal
    • Upwork


    websites built with angular

    I think there is no way better to look at the powerful features of Angular than by looking at the Gmail services. A beautiful user interface with Gmail’s uninterrupted user experience is an excellent example of an Angular framework. No wonder, more than 1.5 million users enjoy the Gmail services. So, Angular is the best technology to develop a user-oriented application.


    websites built with angular

    Paypal is an application that allows the transfer of money between individuals and companies. Like other popular applications, PayPal has more than 350 million active users. The features like checkout and simple few-clicks authorization tools are designed in Angular.


    websites built with angular

    Surprisingly, Forbes is one of the most visited websites developed using Angular. Forbes’ websites and applications built in Angular 5 respond to 74 million users’ queries every month in the United States. Forbes is a great illustration of the websites and applications developed with Angular development as it looks excellent, whether in a browser or your mobile.


    websites built with angular

    Yes, Upwork is one of the examples of Angular applications. I think Upwork doesn’t need any kind of introduction as it provides a common platform for employers and freelancers. Upwork provides brilliant functionality with beautiful UI and high-end security features for both employers and freelancers. As per Upwork’s reports, it has more than 14 million user profiles in more than 180 countries. Here, Angular got points in providing seamless navigation and filtration with superior performance. So, these popular applications and websites are powerful examples of Angular development services. You can imagine the superpowers of the Angular framework by checking these applications.

    Wrapping it up

    To make a user-friendly and responsive website or application for your business, all you need is to know any technology’s capabilities. By reading this article, I think you came to know what kind of applications you can develop using Angular framework and its features Angular provide? Rest, it entirely relies on the demand and requirements of your business and customers. Now, if you want to hire angularjs developer, then contact angularjs development company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We are the well-known developers for the angularjs development services who provide on-demand app development at a very economical price. Contact us now!

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