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    Top E learning Software Trends to Dominate the Industry in 2021

    Custom Software Development Company - Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

    The growth of the e-learning industry was already witnessing a frantic pace even before the pandemic. But the sudden shutdown of all the businesses including learning institutes has accelerated it further. It has given more space to the e-learning industry to grow. The opportunity can be understood by the data of Global Market insight that indicates an explosive growth of USD $375 billion market capitalization by the year 2026.

    The idea of E-learning is being adopted and praised globally. The swift growth of the eLearning industry has opened many new opportunities for entrepreneurs to venture and create something that fills the industry gap. E-learning software (With add-on features ) is one of them. Until now, the “e learning software” was limited to provide video learning to the users. But the changing technology has brought additional opportunities too.

    E-Learning, better say electronic learning, is a process of educating users remotely with the help of a digital device. The educational material could be any format such as audio, video, infographic, image, and text. The Internet plays a key component here, in accessing the e-learning platforms. The platform can be a website, web, or mobile app. Initially, the concept of e-learning came from online courses and videos where users were getting information of their choice. Later, it was grown as a full-fledged industry when entrepreneurs stepped in

    What is the future of e learning?

    E-learning is continuously evolving and has been adopted by the entire world. The future of eLearning is looking brighter than ever.

    How to create an e-learning website?

    Creating an E-learning website is not an easy pie. It takes the custom implementation of codes and structure to create a user-friendly, functional dashboard. It can be done flawlessly by hiring an expert Web developer.

    E learning software trends

    What are the Benefits of E learning?

    In today’s “always-on” world, learning has become an important part to survive. E learning is no more limited to students only but business personnels are also taking advantage of this technology. Employees have also started using the eLearning software to meet the challenges posed by several disruptions and business dynamics.

    Benefits to Students

    Students are the biggest beneficiary of elearning software, apps, and platforms where they can get their query solved by a dedicated virtual instructor.

    Benefits to Industries

    Almost every industry has been using e learning software to continue engaging their employees with the work. E learning software and apps are being used to improve the work performance of employees and their satisfaction ratio.

    Benefits to Employees

    Industry Employees have got the opportunity to explore the additional room for their skill development. They can learn new skills through eLearning platforms and apply those skills in the workplace.

    Credit: The Verge

    E learning software development trends 2021

    The ongoing demand and continuous innovation have created ample space for new elearning software development ideas. These ideas have grown from providing video lectures to providing personalized learning, influenced by Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.

    Mobile Learning

    Mobile has become an inseparable part for most of the people. The influence has been so deep that they start their day by using mobile phones and end with it too. For any necessary information, they furiously do a quick search on mobile. Hence, mobile users cannot be overlooked while making a learning management system.

    An estimate shows that more than half of the world population will be using mobile by the year 2025. Mobile will be prominently used to get first-hand information and learning, hence, a custom elearning development specially made to target mobile users will be a perfect idea for new entrepreneurs.

    Personalized Learning

    Personalized learning refers to the meaning of showing content made for the respected user only. The idea of Personalized content has always been used by social media giants to show exactly what a user wants. But its implementation in the e-learning sector is quite new.  Today’s learners want personalized and to-the-point content on their end.

    The self-paced focused and only made content can easily fulfill this demand and make them satisfied. Thus, there will be a huge shift toward personalized learning in 2021 and beyond.

    Pro Tip: An e learning software with a focus on the best-personalized content ideas has a huge potential to develop.


    Apart from school and college-going students, the rest learners are busy, They have a short amount of time to learn new things. Hence microlearning was the only option to rescue. To put it in perspective, microlearning is about sending data to the user in pieces to make them comfortable in accessing information. This data can be 3-5 minutes of audio, video, or text that will educate them without taking much of their time.

    Office employees who have limited time to learn and acquire new work styles are praising this idea of e learning software. Microlearning is becoming a major hit since the starting of 2021 and this trend seems not ending.

    Video-Based learning

    Undoubtedly, video-based learning is getting more popular with each passing day. Its effectiveness in delivering messages in each possible way such as graphics, images, photo videos, etc has made it more popular than the other formats. Video-based learning is pillared on four models attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction. It has the ability to do justice with all the formats. It’s estimated that video-based learning will be used by almost 70% of organizations by the year 2025

    Big data in E learning

    The influence and benefit of big data are really surprising. Not only the e-learning industry but big data is being used in almost every industry due to its ability to change the entire work results. Big data makes it easier to manage large segments of data. It can be used to filter our necessary information easily that will help in better management processes.

    In the e-learning industry, big data plays a significant role in gaining necessary insights such as what a user wants to learn, what format he prefers, his total time spent on e-learning, and all the pain points of consumers that can be leveraged by providing utility filled e learning software.

    AI and ML in E Learning

    Every person has different learning habits and abilities. Those days are gone when one thing was forced to fit all. Now with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the user can watch the content of his preferred choice and liking.  Previously, it was not possible to manage their learning pattern of every person manually. But now Artificial intelligence and machine learning can do this job in a moment, to enhance any e learning software usage.

    Adaptive learning

    There are many ways to learn user behavior in order to offer courseware accordingly. Adaptive learning is one of them. Adaptive learning is a way to offer custom learning to the user with the help of fine-grained data, learning analytics, and analytics. Adaptive learning fulfills the unique needs of every individual.

    You might get confused between Adaptive and personalized learning because both focus on the same things.  But be clear, as Customized learning is about what you want, while adaptive learning is about what you need.

    Pro tip: An Custom E-learning software filled that eliminates the hassle of personalization over time and puts exact information in front of a user on the very first day can be industry-changing.

    Virtual, Augmented, And Mixed-Reality Trainings

    Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality are rapidly growing its popularity in the e-learning sector. Augmented reality and virtual reality are something that most people have witnessed but the mixed reality is still evolving and being defined. The use of AR/VR and MR to provide better content visibility and understanding is accelerating every year.

    Summing Up

    To make an idea successful, it takes years of continued research and implementation. E Learning has also faced many hurdles in all these years but this wonderful idea is now getting brilliant results. Being among top e learning development companies, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd has seen a rapid surge in e-learning web and mobile apps demands.  An interactive e learning software with better implementation of all the above-listed technology trends can be the next leader of the industry.  If you need any help with corporate e learning solutions, discuss with our experts today. 

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