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    UI Design Roadmap: How to Plan your Website Designing?

    UI design roadmap

    Every achievement is the result of better planning at the initial stages. A strategic UI design roadmap help to plan out the work and also systematize what has to be done to achieve the goals. Great user interface and user experience is what makes your product unique and attractive for the customers. No doubt, creating a roadmap for UI designing is daunting at first, but the use of the right and accurate steps will make the designing experience pleasurable.

    UX/UI design is a part and parcel of the product development process. It is what decides the future or success of the product. Adopting the right UX/UI design process enables you to develop simple, attractive and accurate UI design that appeals to the end-users. A strategic and systematic UX/UI design approach makes you stand out in the crowd. Here you can check the best examples of UX design in real-world are GoogleDisney+ZoomLinkedInApple, etc.

    ui ux design services

    What is UX/UI design process?

    In general, UX/UI design process is a methodology that allows the UI designer to polish the user interfaces to the best that are beneficial for your business.
    Usually, the entire UX/UI design process is categorized in five phases ranging from product definition, research, analysis, design, and validation, etc.

    Product Definition – involves the process of collecting user requirements based on their business environment. It includes user personas, user stories, and use case diagrams.

    Analysis – It possesses the process of making use of the things collected during the research. At this stage, the designers will create:

    • Hypothetical Personas
    • Experience Maps

    Design – The stage, at which the designer ends up giving life to ideas that are gathered in the previous steps. Now, designers will design

    • Sketching
    • Wireframes
    • Prototypes
    • Designing specifications

    Validation – This stage involves the testing or validation of the designer’s work based on the following points:

    • Is the design user-friendly?
    • Is it flexible and easy to use?
    • Does it solve customer’s issues?
    • Is it appealing to the customers?

    Benefits of using UI Design Roadmap

    Here we are going to discuss how important is UI design roadmap for successful product development. How it is beneficial for the clients as well as for the UI designers. So, have a look at the benefits of using the UI design roadmap:

    • With the help of UI design roadmap, you can prioritize the tasks at every designing phase.
    • UI design roadmap reduces the risk of missing the essential points in UI designing.
    • UI design roadmap helps to achieve the client’s vision more accurately.
    • UI design roadmap helps to reduce the delivery time.
    • UI design roadmap reduces the risks of designing errors.

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    Roadmap to a Good UI Design

    According to a study, about 75% of a website’s credibility comes from its design. Investing in web designing boosts the business image by appealing the customers and users. Adhering to a good UI design roadmap consisting of particular steps that are helpful to bring structure and order into a web design process. For any designing company, they generally adopt the approach for the designing and development of a website:-

    User Research & Analysis

    Undoubtedly, research is an essential part of every design and development phase. It is commonly observed that even though research is an utmost phase of the designing, it is still ignored by most of the designers. For accurate and effective research, UI designers need to put themselves in the user’s shoes – they need to know how they will see, feel, or interact with it. It is always better to research every step of the designing phase, you can utilize it as per the time and budget of the project.

    Design Strategy

    Having a clear design strategy ensures that the designer has a clear understanding of what they are going to do in the future and what will be the outcome of the whole efforts and designing process. It also ensures that the UI designers are not wasting their precious time to cope up with the misunderstandings and mistakes. While developing a design strategy, it means you are pre-defining every aspect of the UI designing of the website. The design strategy should be short, crisp and flexible as well.

    The design strategy phase involves the three main essential points:

    • Discussion with the client related to the project’s process, workflow, meetings and reporting.
    • Client’s questionnaire regarding the target audience, business objectives, etc.
    • Outline the design of the website with essential components.

    Wireframes & Prototypes

    Wireframing and prototyping of the websites is another important aspect of the UI design roadmap. Both wireframing and prototyping plays an essential role. Wireframe means to create the blueprint of the construction sites. Wireframes provide a clear picture of the website designing what the UI designers going to design on the website. Wireframes are developed to get a rough idea of what goes where, with the right interactions with a reliable reference.

    Prototypes are the exact copy of the final or finished product- it illustrates how your website or product will look, what you can do with it, and how end-users will interact with it. Having the prototypes of a website are extremely useful as they help the UI designers to know how they can improve their websites in a better way.

    Interactive UX and UI Design

    According to a study, approximately 88% of online users won’t return to a website after having a bad user experience. So, it is a must to have both the UX and UI design interactive. It is the stage where UI designers ensure the interaction that happens between the users and a product.

    – User Experience (UX) Design

    During the UX designing phase, the UX experts interpret the website plan into wireframes and prototypes.

    – User Interface (UI) Design

    With the approval of the wireframes, the web designers move to the finer details that bring the website to life. UI designers or web designers perform the tasks like adding colors and imagery, defining fonts and shapes, and other effects to wireframes.

    To check the interactions of the users with the websites or products, the designers need to ask the following questions:

    • How a user can interact using the mouse, finger, or stylus to interact with the websites?
    • How does the website look from an end-user perspective?
    • Is everything is working alright?
    • Is the website showing any error on any particular action?

    Validation and Testing

    Usability testing helps you to determine if the changes or designs you done to the websites are correct. During the validation and testing of the UX/UI designing, the website is validated by the represented set of users to finalize if everything is working correctly. But designing is an iterative process, so your design needs improvements at every stage of the designing process. With the help of the testing, the UI designers help to identify the maximum amount of feedback at the beginning of the process.

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    Wrapping it up

    Having an interactive user interface and user experience helps the websites or businesses to provide an amazing experience to the end-users. In addition to this, having a better UI design of websites helps to reduce the bounce rate on the websites. So, it is always essential to have a planned-out strategy for the UI designing of the websites. Being a UI designer, you can follow the above-mentioned strategies, and being a business owner, you can ask your UI designers about such strategies.
    If you are still confused related to UX/UI design, you can hire dedicated web designer of the company, Tekki Web Solutions Inc.

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