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    Making eLearning a Fantastic Experience


    eLearning is taking a swift turn and growing like never before — as it was predicted by Peter Drucker, the father of modern business management. It is emerging as an appropriate solution for delivering a unique learning experience, respectable of the industry.

    eLearning is witnessing a frantic pace in its adoption rate among several industries. The demand for a custom learning management system (LMS) to educate employees is at an all-time high. Over the last few years, the practice of delivering training to the employees has captured significant attention and surged the growth too.

    Its emergence is seen as a new ray for the eLearning and education industry. In this White paper, we’ve particularly put a deep focus on industry problems with eLearning implementation and how they can be neutralized.

    eLearning Industry: The Future Is Overwhelming

    eLearning is one of the most influencing sectors that has changed the entire way to educating and training employees. eLearning market size was expected to reach the $USD 200 Billion mark by the year 2020, But, it witnessed huge growth that surpassed the $200 Billion mark. The Covid -19 pandemic worked as a helping hand to the eLearning industry. The industry got the sky-touching demand and branding without any extra effort. Beside this the eLearning software trends are also favoring a exponential growth.


    eLearning Market Insights

    In a view with global market insight, the latest predictions about the eLearning sector confirm that it will see a growth of $375 billion by the year 2026. The CAGR (Growth Rate) would be around 8%. The rapid implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning augmented and virtual reality will positively impact the industry.

    Growth Factors for eLearning Sector

    1. Increasing demand from the healthcare sector
    2. A rise in content digitization
    3. LMS switching to cloud-based systems
    4. Growth in higher education sectors
    5. Corporates upgrading their training programs
    6. Growing demand for online English courses
    7. A rise in government programs and initiatives
    8. Rising penetration of internet and mobile learning
    9. Lack of peer-to-peer interaction will work as a boon.

    Countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany will be key takers of the eLearning Management system (Industry-wise).

    The Never Ending Challenges of eLearning Industry

    Every opportunity comes preloaded with future challenges. The eLearning software development industry is also stuffed with a lot of challenges, to be straight – are not quite easy to overcome. Many of the challenges are posed to the Learning & Development (L&D) experts, some are learner issues while most are industry related.

    Challenges Faced by Industries

    Undeniably, the industry is strongly heading toward providing a better learning and training system to employees and workers. They are adopting future-centric approaches and doing their best to deliver training to the employees. But still, there are many prevailing issues, yet to be overcome. 

    • Employees are not ready to spend extra time on screen.
    • Employees and workers are busy with tight schedules. 
    • The lack of Learner motivation is a real issue. 
    • Most learners are not tech-savvy who can handle things on their own. 
    • The real implementation of learning takes time, if employees are not self-centric they won’t carry the knowledge for so long.
    • Learning methods needs to be constantly evolving. The same text, audio, and video format cannot be used for so long. 
    • Elearning is creating a digital divide among employees. The employee background, financial capability, a problem in affording the latest technology, broadband access, and lack of skills to engage with learning technology are creating dissonance among employees. Digital Divide is a controversial topic that needs healthy social and industrial debates to overcome. But As for now, this problem does exist. 
    • Different employees need different training at different levels.
    • Employees do not want to spend any extra effort and time beyond their working hours. 
    • In developing countries, the slow speed of the internet, costly broadband, low technical knowledge of people are the main obstacles in eLearning growth.

    Challenges Faced by Employees

    Not only the industries but learners who want to polish their skills are also facing several concerns regarding the eLearning model. 

    • There is a lack of high morale and continuous motivation to keep learning new things are real challenges. They tend to ignore the learning process, after a while, when they don’t see results of their linkings.  
    • One type of learning can’t be pushed to all, so many of the employees are not able to understand the going concept and just waste their time.
    • Many employees need training before accessing any learning management system. 
    • The repetitive learning task becomes boring at some point in time. 
    • Employees are reluctant in adaptive learning after a long period of time.

    Revolutionary Upsurge in eLearning Industry With Digital Transformation

    eLearning has become a core idea for educating people regardless of the industry. Be it school, college, or industry personnel everyone can acquire benefits coming from the vast opportunities. Hence, the problem cannot be overlooked. They need solutions.

    Besides all the concerns of industries regarding eLearning, there is an abundance of opportunities to overcome these difficulties and go forward. Technology has left no one stuck behind the wall. The eLearning industry that is based on a next-level idea and high tech technologies, can take itself out from these problems. 

    1. Employees would willingly spend more time on the screen if interactive visuals are introduced. This is the reason by the Demand for Custom Learning management systems is all time up. 
    2. Businesses can provide complementary benefits to employees and workers who spend more time learning something new for business. Benefits will work handy to increase their motivation and morale.
    3. Focused training on Using the LMS system can easily eliminate the LMS accessing problem by Employees and workers. 
    4. A better work environment can be created among workplaces to ensure that employees exchange their ideas and opinions on the new learnings. 
    5. The digital divide can be narrower by providing additional financial support to employees and workers. 
    6. The methods of learning should be evolved continuously. However, there’s plenty of work being done in this sector. The augmented reality and virtual reality for eLearning are the perfect examples of upgrading learning methods. These interactive visuals can make an employee understand the work in a better and efficient way. 
    7. The idea of microlearning and personalized training can address the issue of different learning needs of different individuals at different times. 
    8. The automation and Machine learning tech can be introduced significantly to provide a better learning experience to workers and employees. 
    9. A best built, and responsive LMS system that offers a unique learning experience in a different way every time can easily remove the boredom. 

    Consider an Intuitive eLearning App development?

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    Calling a spade a spade, e-learning industry is upholding the exact prediction that was done two decades ago, by Peter Drucker. The utilization started from the education sector now has been reached to the businesses or industries. eLearning, combined with a robust learning management system is a revolutionary step toward the betterness of industries.

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