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    How to Improve the Organic Search Traffic on Social Media

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    While talking about organic search traffic, it is comparatively complicated than the inorganic search traffic. As it is commonly said that,

    “Getting traffic from the search engines is hard… but buying traffic is easy.”

    If you are getting the traffic on your blog, article, or website page, you are definitely on the right path, and you are getting the traffic from the targetted audience.

    Undoubtedly, organic search traffic the slowest game of all time. With the slower results, most businesses don’t have enough time to wait for the results, as they have to reach their business to the visitors as soon as possible.

    Some people are still looking for the best ways to boost their organic search traffic through social media. Now, we have a perfect way to fix these problems.

    How can I increase organic search traffic?

    You can increase or improve the organic search traffic by increasing the visibility of your website content or blog post on social media. Try to interact with your followers like what type of content they like the most, which is the right time to post on social media, by analyzing the competitors’social media, etc.

    How social media grow organically?

    Social media’s growth is all about your interaction with the followers. The more you understand the follower’s behavior, more user engagement you will get on the social media channels. So, try to interact with your followers as much as possible.

    Need better exposure to your business?

    TWS is always ready to help you to choose the best social media marketing strategy to enhance your online presence.

    All you need is to grow your website’s visibility by enhancing people’s engagement on social media channels. Let’s know how we can achieve this? Just follow these steps:

    Go for Deep Keyword Research

    Before starting with anything else, the most crucial task in Search Engine Optimization is to plan the keyword research. Now, most people always ask for the best way to do keyword research. Take it easy and first analyze the term “Keyword Research“ Keyword Research, not all about searching for the trending keyword to rank your content in SERPs. It is more than this, as it includes the inspection of a keyword-based on keyword volume, competition, cost per click, and many other factors.

    So, how do you plan keyword research?

    First of all, analyze which keyword or website page you want to rank on Google’s result pages. Do in-depth research on user behavior how your targeted audience is typing for a particular product on google search. You can create a post or article using a single and most popular keyword and short-tail and long-tail keywords in the content to increase its visibility. Always try to write the content according to the main title and keyword. Avoid using unnecessary keywords or keyword stuffing strategies. Stay stick to your topic or main keyword in your entire content.

    How to understand your target audience or track their searching ways?

    It is one of the frequently asked questions on the internet, how to understand the audience? It is quite tricky to analyze your target audience. Some people use the Quora site as a primary keyword research tool; the reason is that, whenever you type a long-tail or short-tail keyword in the search bar, it will show the results accordingly.

    For instance, you have typed the word “NodeJS development company“. It will display the list of the questions and answers containing the keyword node js development company. So, here you can identify how people are searching for a topic, their queries, etc.

    Which tools can you use while keyword research?

    Definitely, google auto-suggestion, and personal analysis of a blogger is the perfect way to do the keyword research. But you can use the keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs,, Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc.

    Create a Perfect Blog or Article

    After doing the keyword research, now you are aware of the user behavior like what sort of content they are looking for, which keyword they like to enter in search engine bar to search for a particular product, how frequently they use any keywords, etc.

    So, while writing the blog content or article for your websites is the right time, when the keyword comes into a play. While writing the blog content, always keep in mind the keyword planning or keyword research you did before starting with creating content.

    Tip – You should create content while considering the fresh user’s expectations who are reading your website blog content for the first time. In addition to this, consider the prospectives of the readers who are already reading your blog post. Since the quality of your content makes or breaks your organic traffic. So, be careful about it.

    Once you have published the blog post on your blog, give it some time and wait for the people to read and engage.

    Which tools can you use while creating content for your blog?

    Here are numerous free and paid tools that you can use for content creation for your website post or blog post. While creating content for your audience, all you need is to make the content engaging, whether with the help of the graphics, videos, and writing, etc. The tools are CopyScape, Grammarly, Piktochart, Canva, Plagiarism Check, Small SEO tools, etc.

    Optimize Content for Audience, Not for Search Engines

    It is the biggest mistake of the marketers and most businessmen. They generally optimize their article or blog content according to the search engines, rather than creating it for the target audience.

    Think for a few seconds before doing so. Would it be beneficial for you? If your content is specifically for the search engine bots, how will the target audience find it interesting for themselves? It will definitely raise your bounce rate, and if your bounce rate is increasing, it will affect your ranking in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages. Try to make the article or blog content as per your target audience’s interest to enhance their engagement.

    So, after doing the keyword research, writing content for the target audience, and content optimization. Any guesses?? What would be our next step?

    As usual, after publishing the content, our main concern is to get the organic traffic on our blogpost without even spending a penny on it.

    Optimize your Social Media Profiles and Social Media Channels

    Optimization of social profiles is the necessary step to be considered while enhancing social media engagement. So, how would you optimize your social profile? Using beautiful pictures? Using content? How? Don’t worry. Here we are for your help to optimize the social profiles

    Tactics for social profiles optimization

    • Simple and easy to learn username and page names
    • Unique and attractive logo/brand name
    • Interesting description with keywords
    • Link reference to your website from social media profile

    After accomplishing all these steps for social media, you will definitely get the organic traffic on your blog post and social media profiles. Once you have the audience on your social media, the next step is to make your post engaging to increase the organic search traffic. How would you do that? Let’s solve your problem

    How to Increase the Organic Search Traffic on Social Media?

    Before starting with the marketing of blog posts or articles on social media, dig yourself deep in the topic of target audience engagement, organic search traffic. Here, user behavior analysis is also essential.

    By Asking Things

    In the beginning, you can start by simply asking your audience, like what sort of things they like, using surveys, polls, email subscriptions, etc. Also, ask them which social platform they frequently use.

    Analyzing the Button Clicks

    Every social media platform has some call to action(CTAs) to enhance user engagement. You can track the user response as per your action buttons and banners. You can check with social media analytics to track the user’s involvement and interest in a particular topic. So, you can create a blog post accordingly.

    Keep an Eye on your Competitors

    It is mandatory to take care of the things and topics trending in the market; you can achieve this by keeping an eye on your competitors’ social media. You can use the tricks and strategies that your competitors are using to attract an audience. Only follow good practices.

    Work Smarter than Doing Hard Work

    Some people believe in the strategy of posting articles and pictures on social media accounts many times a day. But, it is not a good practice. "As Facebook themselves said that if a user posted 1500 stories on Facebook, then news feed will display 300 out of these.” Hence, it is no use of posting several times on social media channels. Instead of this, we need to focus on publishing high-quality and relevant content, which is more beneficial for us in order to increase user engagement. So, posting less content with high quality will increase the organic search reach.

    Choose the Right Time for Social Media Posting

    Most of the time, marketers and bloggers post on social media when everyone is online, but it is nothing more than a misconception. The reason behind not sharing a post during peak hours when users are online is that it will affect your post’s visibility.

    So, instead, pick some special hours to post on social media channels in order to achieve the goal of having organic search traffic.

    According to Neil Patel’s Blog Post

    organic search traffic

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to post on Linkedin between the working hours 10 am to 11 am.

    organic search traffic

    Similarly, on Twitter, the best times to tweet are 12:00 to 3:00 pm on Monday through Fridays and 5:00 – 6:00 pm on Wednesday.

    organic search traffic

    For Facebook posting, 1 pm is the appropriate time of the day to get more shares, 3 pm to get more clicks, and 7 pm to 9 am for better engagement.

    organic search traffic

    On Instagram, Best Times to Post, Anytime Monday through Thursday, except between the hours 3:00 – 4:00 pm.

    Interact with your Followers

    Last, but not least trick is to enhance social media engagement is to interact with your followers. Never ignore their comments and messages in the Inbox. Always try to satisfy them by providing them with the appropriate reply at the right time. It will create a special type of bond with your followers. You will win the trust of the followers. It will definitely convert these queries into the leads, as they are getting satisfactory replies from your side. It is one of the best tactics to improve organic search traffic on social media.

    Final Thoughts

    The secret to social media reach, engagement, and boost in organic search traffic is entirely equivalent to the secret to getting higher ranking positions in Google’s result pages. Social Media Optimization is all about content optimization, user experience, and having high-quality content on social media.

    To continue the process of social media engagement or organic search traffic, all your need is to regularly post the content to maintain the interest of the target audience.

    Hope you will like this article and will able to get more organic traffic on social media.

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