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    How Cloud Computing Will Transform Healthcare Industry by Year 2025

    Cloud Computing technology

    Cloud computing is one of the leading technologies that will change the working of every industry in the future. The involvement and need of cloud computing is rapidly increasing in all sectors of the market. According to the report of researchcosmos, the cloud computing sector will grow at a CAGR of around 18% during the year 2019-2025.

    By the end of 2019, cloud computing was a market of USD $272 Billion and will reach the amount of USD $623.3 Billion by the year 2025. It will definitely transform all the major industries but what will its impact on the Healthcare industry by 2025?

    We at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., created a brief report on how Cloud computing technology will transform the Healthcare sector by the year 2025. Take a look!

    Cloud coming is simply a virtual location where you keep all your data safe. It’s an on-demand delivery of IT resources such as storage, server, networking, and analytics, etc. You get access to all your data anytime, anywhere in the world just with an internet connection. It’s a pay-per-resource service where a user needs to pay in order to get access to the required cloud services.

    There are several cloud computing service providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM. TWS also has a number of cloud computing specialists who provide cloud computing service with top-class, on-demand features, that too, at an economical price.

    How Cloud Computing Technology Got Popular in Recent Years?

    Before the emergence of cloud computing, there was client/server computing which was providing all the identical features of the cloud, but with some limitations. All kinds of files and data were being hosted on these servers by the responsible individuals. The popularity of cloud computing increased in 2002 when Amazon started the web services that were offering storage and server options to its users.

    However, If you go deep in cloud computing history, you will find that the term cloud computing is almost 6 decades old. It was first proposed in the year 1960 when web and mobile technologies were in their infancy period. In 2009, Google started its own cloud service that added more popularity to cloud computing technology. In the same year, Microsoft launched Windows AZURE, and companies like Oracle and HP, all joined the game.

    Is Cloud Computing the Future of Healthcare Industry?

    The Healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries that is adopting cloud computing globally. The Healthcare Industry is the 2nd largest industry after arms and ammunition. Hence, it is more important to know what outcomes cloud computing will provide to the healthcare industry by the year 2025. As per the reports of global market insight Inc. cloud computing in the healthcare industry will reach a market capitalization of USD $55 Billion by the year 2025.

    The outcomes of Covid-19 are also strengthening the same. Almost every industry got shuffled during the Covid-19, but the healthcare industry grew at a frantic pace. The Healthcare industry is running behind cloud computing technology due to the exceptional features of collaboration, reachability, efficiency, and security, etc.

    What are the types of Cloud computing?

    Ans: There are three main types of cloud computing:-

    1. Software as a Service (SaaS).
    2. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
    3. and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

    What is cloud computing with examples?

    Ans: Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure is a perfect example of cloud computing where users stores their data and can access from any corner of the world.

    Need to Refine your Data management with the cloud?
    Tekki Web Solutions is ready to help you in saving and managing data effortlessly, tailored to your industry needs.

    Advantages of cloud computing in the healthcare industry

    Cloud computing is providing numerous benefits to the health sector, listed below:


    The biggest advantage that all the industries are getting from cloud computing is collaboration, and the healthcare industry is no exception to this. Cloud computing has made the process of data viewing and sharing more simple and easier. Now, all the participants of the healthcare industry such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, and caretakers, etc. can easily access the patient data, remotely without being puzzled in files and reports. The ease of availability of data has given the option to monitor the patient from anywhere, anytime.

    Security and Confidentiality

    It’s no secret that patients’ data need to be secured and confidential in order to avoid scammer and data theft. Cloud computing technology fulfills this criterion by adopting some next-level security approach. Cloud computing services provide 100% security to the hosted data by countering brute force attacks, spam bots, and server attacks that can perform data theft.

    After a specific period of time, several types of new patches and security codes are deployed to make the data boundary stronger than ever. They also give info about the suspicious login attempts to provide more security to data. Only the responsible person can access confidential data by entering the decryption key or password. Hence, security management is no concern in cloud computing technology.

    Cost Benefits

    Storage of data in physical form demands lots of space, effort, and money. It needs a physical location with a big infrastructure and a management team to store the files and figures accurately. However, with the use of cloud computing, there’s no need to mess with physical locations in order to store data. All you need is to choose a unique plan defining storage and feature requirements and you are all set to store patients' files, scans, reports, and all the necessary documents that will be easily accessible anytime, anywhere, to save the life of the patient. This reduces the infrastructure and management expense of the health industry.

    Faster speed

    This may look offbeat but the faster speed of cloud computing keeps it one step ahead of other data storage services. Cloud computing provides rapid access to data upgrades and updates with admirable speed without any human intervention. This gives 24x7 support to access files and folders related to the patient. Any doctor can easily get access to all the information related to the patient in no time. The unmatched speed of cloud computing will be transforming the data access and storage facility in the healthcare industry, without stumbling a bit.

    Reliability and Scalability

    Cloud services are reliable as well as on-demand scalable at the same time. IoT is no longer a dream in the health sector. Hospitals are already using medical reports, real-time patient monitoring systems, on-demand reports, mobile apps, patient portals, and many other devices that require the internet to work. Cloud services keep them working flawlessly without any interruption.

    The need for storage space and data access channels can also be increased and decreased in accordance with the demand of hospitals. Cloud computing technology is reliable as there’s no issue of data theft, downtime, unauthorized information leaks, with top-notch security systems and patches.

    Wrapping it Up

    With the increasing number of cases rapidly, the healthcare sector is generating lots of data regularly. It’s becoming complex to manage this much data at a physical location with proper security. Cloud computing is the only technology that resolves the Data access and storage issue completely. Cloud computing in healthcare has immense potential to reach new heights. Thus, the healthcare sector is taking a swift turn by reaching a new zenith in choosing cloud computing as their favorite option to manage the data. This trend is being followed globally in an expeditious form.

    If you need any kind of cloud computing service for your business or organization. Tekki Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. can provide you quick, on-demand clouding computing facility with top-notch security and features. Hire cloud computing experts now to discuss more about your project and needs.

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